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Meme and Music!

Hello my dears! Here's another meme-thingy, 'cause they're fun.

The instructions: Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own.

I got "L" from my darling ennui_blue_lite (seconded by the lovely msliz4857).

1. Learning to Fly, by Pink Floyd - My favorite song of all time, and my personal anthem. My journal title, "Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, I" is a line from this song, and the song inspired my username as well. Love, love, love this song.

2. Lost in Translation - One of my favorite movies, about two people adrift in their alien surroundings and in their own lives. My quarter-life crisis is going to merge seamlessly with my midlife crisis, and this movie shows both. Right now, I'm like Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson, who does an amazing job) asking - what should I do with my life? Am I making the right choices? Am I where I should be? And in a few more years, I'll be like Bob (Bill Murray, who is equally amazing) asking - what the hell did I do with my life? Where has the time gone, and have I wasted it? How did I get here, and is this all there is? (Best scene of the movie is when Bob sings Roxy Music's More Than This in the karaoke bar).

3. Lip balm - seriously, I'm addicted to the stuff. My lips are always getting chapped and I like yummy-smelling lip balms. My current faves are Avalon Organics Vitamin C lip balm, which is a lovely orange flavor, and Alba Botanica pina colada-flavored lip balm. Mmmmm.

4. Livejournal - this place is like my second home. I can't really express how amazing it's been to find a place where my fannish obsessions are not only accepted but welcomed. All of you here in this little corner of LJ-land are absolutely wonderful, and I love you all.

5. Laurie, Hugh - you didn't think I was going to leave out Hugh, did you? The man is the most gifted actor ever to walk the face of planet earth. Period. Pshaw to Laurence Olivier and Sarah Bernhardt. It's all about Hugh. It still does not fully compute with me that Bertie Wooster and Greg House were/are played by the same man. Absolutely unbelievable talent, and almost inhuman amounts of charisma and hotness as well.

6. The Liar - As in, Stephen Fry's novel. You really didn't think I was going to leave out my beloved Stephen, did you? This is a fantastic book, sweet and funny and heartbreakingly sad all at the same time. Is there anything that Stephen can't do if he sets his mind to it? (Hint: the answer to that particular question consists of two letters, beginning with "n".)

7. Lumpia - filipino egg rolls. So much yum! My husband's auntie makes the best ones I've had, golden and crispy with just the right amount of filling (ground beef, veggies, and spices).

8. Lists - being the anal retentive, obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I cannot go a day without making a to-do list, a shopping list, a "things to do before I die" list, or some other list. Or all of the above. I actually have multiple to-do lists going at any given time - a work to-do list, a home to-do list (for chores and errands) and a fannish to-do list (top item right now: "letter meme"). I would be a quivering wreck without my lists. (*waves to fellow list-queen dryadwoman*)

9. Lister - you've gotta love a guy who invents the triple fried egg butty with chili sauce and chutney.

10. Language - words, poetry, stories, novels, casual emails, heartfelt love letters, all of it. I love language. I especially love language in the hands of a master like Wodehouse or Stephen Fry. (...and, Stephen gets another mention. Of course. :p)

I've also been meaning to do some song exchanges with all of my f-list peeps. I'll start by posting some songs for your enjoyment. These are songs that get me all hot and bothered. Please feel free to gank them, and also please feel free to either post songs that turn you on, or just give me the title and artist and I'll find them myself. I'm always looking for more good songs. Especially dirty ones. :p

Hell Is Around the Corner, Tricky, featuring Martine. Kind of a disturbing song, but hot as… well, you know.

Sandpaper Kisses, Martina Topley-Bird. "Sandpaper kisses, papercut bliss, don't know what this is, but it all leads to this…" Martina Topley-Bird is actually the real name of "Martine," featured in Tricky's song, above. Her voice does nice things to me. Really nice.

The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game, Massive Attack feat. Tracey Thorn. Sultry.

Line of Fire, Tom McRae. Okay, maybe his voice is a bit whiny and nasal, but the song is HOT, dammit. In that creepy, stalker-y way.

Amerimacka, Thievery Corporation feat. Notch. Only these D.C. boys could make such a highly political song, a biting and insightful criticism of America, so sexy.

Unbound, Robbie Robertson. Robbie was formerly of The Band, but you'd never guess it from this song.

Roads, Portishead. I'm noticing that a lot of these songs have a kind of dirty, murky feel. Guess that does it for me! This is a prime example.

Glory Box, Portishead. More dirty, murky goodness.

Grace, Peter Mulvey. Maybe it's because I discovered this song when it was used in a really good Buffy vid featuring Buffy/Spike wall!sex, but this one gets me going.

The World Can Wait, Over the Rhine. "I wanna drink the water from your well, I wanna tell you things I'll never tell."

Hold On, Hold On, Neko Case. Neko just sounds like a dirty, dirty girl. I like her. A lot.

Look For Me (I'll Be Around), Neko Case. Torchy!Neko is lovely.

Put the Law On You, Natalie Merchant. Torchy!Natalie is even better. Oh my, yes.

Fade Into You, Mazzy Star. Languorously and hazily seductive.

In Seville, Devlins. Right around the 3:00 mark, the singer goes "In Seville… In Seville… yeah." That "yeah" just gets me every time.

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove, Dead Can Dance. Umm, I largely love this song because of the whip-cracking noises going on the background. *swoons* Yes, I'm a kinky puppy. But even apart from that, it's gorgeously sexy.

Homme, Brazilian Girls. Everything, but everything is sexier in French. It could be the cafeteria menu for all I know, and it would still get me all hot and bothered.

Because the Night, 10,000 Maniacs. One of the few instances where I actually like the cover better than the original. The lovely sultry Natalie, singing the line "Come on now, try and understand the way I feel under your command." Ummm, yeah.

The Way You Dream, 1 Giant Leap feat. Michael Stipe. REM's front man has never sounded better.

Sweet the Sting, Tori Amos. Almost self-consciously, tongue-in-cheek sexy, with the bow-chicka-wow guitar in the background, but still hot as anything.

If you want all of the songs, they're in a zip file here.

On a random note, someone told me the other day that a comment she made to one of my entries was apparently gobbled up and did not get posted. She wasn't sure whether it was her system's fault or LJ's, but if you have left me a comment recently and I have not responded, I swear I am not intentionally ignoring you! It may be that your post got eaten by the ravenous LJ monster.
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