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Letter to My Yuletide Santa

Dear yuletide Santa,

First of all, I already ♥ you for volunteering to write one of my fandoms. That alone is guaranteed to have me squeeing so loudly it will be heard for miles around on Christmas (or as soon thereafter as I can possibly manage, since I will be staying with my parents for the holidays) when I read your fic. I promise to shower you with love and praise and roses.

Secondly, all of the below are only suggestions, and you may feel free to use any of these things or disregard them completely. My strong preferences were the ones expressed in the details of my request form -- i.e. no romantic interests for the characters other than each other; slash if at all possible, the pornier the better, and extra bonus points for fluff rather than angst (it's Christmas, after all -- I don't want to be depressed! *g*). Seriously, you cannot go wrong with super-schmoopy romantic sweetness. :D

So, here are a few of my specific likes and dislikes. I'd prefer if you avoid my dislikes, but if my specific likes don't do anything for you, please feel free to ignore them. These are just to kick-start you if you're scratching your head, wondering where to start.

Likes: BDSM (my #1 kink!), hurt/comfort, smoking, wanking (i.e. one person masturbating while thinking of another), marking (e.g. hickeys, tattoos, etc. -- any kind of "mark of ownership" one person puts on another), semi-public sex, eyes & eye contact, hands.

Dislikes: Drag, Mpreg, genderswap, animal transformation, AUs; basically crack!fic isn't generally my thing. I'm a fanfic traditionalist, if that isn't a total contradiction. :)

Fandom Specific Issues:

Lord Peter Wimsey: I'm new to this fandom and just starting to read the books and watch the eps, so I'd prefer if the fic did not give spoilers to the canon mysteries. If you want to include a Sayers-esque mystery plot, that's totally fine, but it's not necessary at all. I love the master/valet dynamic and would be happy with anything exploring Peter and Bunter's relationship. There so needs to be more Peter/Bunter fic in the world.

Jeeves & Wooster: My OTP, now and forevermore. I am completely in love with these two and their love for each other. My "personal" Jeeves and Bertie are Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, so I tend to have a preference for physical descriptors that match these two or at least don't contradict them as the characters. I love both first-time stories and established-relationship fics, if you're doing slash. Bertie POV or Jeeves POV would be fine, but I have a preference for first-person over third-person in this fandom. As above, a Wodehousian plot would be fine, but isn't necessary.

Fry/Laurie RPF: Boy, it was hard to type "RPF" rather than "RPS." Those two are MFEO, and made to be slashed. Extremely smuttily. *g* Any era is okay with me, although I think the fluff factor is easier to accomplish in the early days. Since I am living in denial land, I'd prefer to avoid any mention of the *cough*wife-and-kids or long-term partner*cough*. In my world, they never existed, and Hugh and Stephen have been shagging like bunnies ever since they met at University. Denial is a happy place for me.

If you're still wanting more guidance, you can also check out the fics I have memmed -- while my memories are by no means complete (I'm still adding stuff that I bookmarked before I had my LJ), it'll give you some idea of what kind of stuff I like. And, of course, the fics I've written tend to hit my own personal kinks as well. ;)

That's all I can think of for now, but if I think of anything else I'll post again, so feel free to keep an eye on my LJ for yuletide-related musings. Thank you in advance, my darling Santa!

Much affection & gratitude,


I'm so excited about this yuletide thing! More musings later on my own assignment (in non-specific terms, of course).
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