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Dennis Hayashi Slashes My Husband With Our Neighbor!

Hello my lovely f-list peeps. A few items of newsy-news in my world. NOT in order of importance, mind you.

1. Dennis Hayashi apparently slashes my husband with our (male) neighbor! We live in a duplex, and our address is differentiated from said neighbor only by letter, not number. This distinction apparently escaped Dennis Hayashi (a local candidate for judge) because his campaign mailer was sent jointly to my husband and the neighbor. No mention for me, despite the fact that I'm registered with the same political party as my husband! Hee hee. I am kind of tickled that Mr. Hayashi apparently thinks they're a gay couple.

2. The lovely, gracious, and infinitely talented rivers_bend just found out that a short story of hers was accepted for publication in an anthology of erotic fiction! An actual book! How awesome is that!? And it's her first submission EVER to a professional publication and she gets accepted. It surprises me not at all, but thrills me to death. If you see her around, tell her congratulations, because she is MADE OF AWESOME! And once more, darling river, huge congratulations and SQUEEEEEs and OMG x infinity.

3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to karaokegal! Not only does she have rockin' ideas for parties (can't wait for halloween!) but she is the queen of House/Wilson angst - you know, the kind that stabs you in the gut, twists the knife, and then leaves you bleeding to death in the gutter in the pouring rain. Y'know, the good kind. ;) So of course, for the angst-queen lover of karaoke, the most perfect song imaginable is John (sometimes "Cougar") Mellencamp's Hurts So Good.


*clears throat, begins warbling loudly off-key*

"Hurts so good - come on baby, make it hurt so good! Sometimes LOVE don't feel like it should; you make it hurt so good."

(And, m'dear, I hope you appreciate it, because that's the closest you'll EVER get to me singing in public! *g*)

oh, and

4. To the moron in the carpool lane - NO, the person you're talking to on your cell phone does NOT count toward the required number of people in your car. Get the f**k out of the carpool lane, you BMW-driving a**hole!

Ta, my darlings! Come pop in and tell me how you're doing, won't you?

ETA: Psst! There's flagrant music cat photo swapping going on in the comments to this entry, so feel free to join in or snag anything that strikes your fancy.
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