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Trek thing: spinoff show idea

This is another thing I made for the Trek challenge comm. It's an idea for a spinoff show starring Jason Isaacs as Lorca. Beware the spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery S1 and S2 inside! I'm serious, people, don't click that cut unless you've seen the show. And, if you haven't, drop everything and go watch it now! Totally worth it, I swear.

Also, if this spinoff could happen for realsies I would NEVER EVER ASK FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.

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Title: Star Trek: Through the Looking Glass

Summary: This show follows Captain Gabriel Lorca from the “Prime” universe of Star Trek: Discovery as he finds himself stranded in the “mirror” universe and attempts to get home. During the course of trying to accomplish this overarching goal, he has adventures, joining the resistance against the Terran Empire in order to secure their help in returning to his own universe, finding unexpected allies and maybe even romance. We also see the mirror versions of other familiar characters from Discovery and TOS/AOS and follow their trials and tribulations as they intersect with Lorca’s.

What part of Star Trek canon does this series spin off from? Spins off from Star Trek: Discovery, beginning before the events of Season 1, at the point when the two Lorcas are first switched. Continues through the events of Discovery Season 1, including Lorca Prime realizing that Mirror Lorca has crossed back over to the mirror ‘verse along with Michael Burnham Prime, and trying to get to them in time that he can be brought back to his own universe (obviously he ultimately fails, since this show will be compliant with Discovery canon, and Lorca Prime goes on to have further adventures in the mirror verse trying to get home).

Are any well-loved characters joining the cast of this spin-off? Of course, the star will be Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca Prime, also doing appearances as Mirror Lorca when appropriate. Various characters from past seasons of Star Trek: Discovery will appear as their mirror ‘verse counterparts, including Gabrielle Burnham, Sarek and Voq of the resistance movement, Admiral Katrina Cornwell, Spock and Amanda. There will also be cameos from various current Discovery cast members as their mirror counterparts: Michael Burnham, not as dead as presumed, Saru, who is a slave in the mirror ‘verse, Captain “Killy” – Silvia Tilly, possibly Paul Stamets, Hugh Culber, and maybe even some of the TOS/AOS characters (Pike, who has already shown up on Discovery, would be a natural, but Kirk, Bones, and others would be fun. Plus, Karl Urban and Jason Isaacs on the same screen at the same time? YES PLEASE). Basically, the regulars will be those who are no longer on Discovery, but there will be cameos from those who are still on that show as it moves into Season 3.


1. Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca Prime (and Mirror Lorca for cameos/flashbacks)
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We know that Mirror!Lorca was pretty morally gray. So is Prime!Lorca, just on the other side of the tipping point that separates “good” from “bad”. He’s wiling to do what it takes to accomplish his goals, within certain boundaries, though even he’s not sure what those are. He’s desperate to get home but gets drawn into the Resistance and its goals. Physically: well, Jason Isaacs. Tall, dark and handsome. And those blue eyes, and those arms, damn.

2. Shazad Latif as Voq/Fire Wolf
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In the mirror ‘verse, Voq, who goes by the name Fire Wolf, is the leader of the resistance against the Terran Empire. Although in Discovery it appears that the resistance was destroyed, in fact many of them escaped, including Voq and his advisor Sarek. Voq/Fire Wolf is suspicious and slow to trust, but does trust implicitly in his advisor Sarek and Sarek’s mind meld abilities and is a brave and capable leader. Voq now knows of the existence of the “prime” universe and recruits Prime Lorca to the cause. Physically, just as in Discovery, a Klingon with a rare form of albinism. Also, okay, at some point he'll have to undergo the transformation to Ash, for Reasons, because I can't have this show go without Lieutenant Hottie.

2 1/2. Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler/Lieutenant Hottie
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You can't have Shazad Latif on your cast and not show off his prettiness, amirite?

3. James Frain as Sarek/The Prophet
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In the mirror ‘verse, Sarek is also known as The Prophet, and he is the most trusted advisor to the leader of the resistance against the Terran Empire. Although he finds it distasteful, he uses his mind meld abilities to read the thoughts and intentions of people to discover whether they are loyal to the resistance or not. He is also a voice of reason and calm among the often hotheaded members of the resistance. Physically, same as the mirror ‘verse Sarek as seen in Discovery, goatee and all.

4. Riley Gilchrist as Shukar
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Along with Sarek, Shukar is one of Voq’s most trusted advisors and one of the leaders of the resistance. More impulsive and hotheaded than Sarek, he tends to urge action and combat rather than restraint. He is a crack marksman and also possesses enviable survival skills, able to adapt to just about any physical environment and find food, water, and shelter. He also acts as a natural figurehead and recruiter for Andorians who want to join the resistance movement. Physically, just as mirror Shukar from Discovery.

5. Jayne Brook as Katrina Cornwell
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Vice Admiral Cornwell in the mirror ‘verse is more ruthless than her Prime counterpart, but still just as much a BAMF. She has a complicated personal history with Mirror Lorca, and when Prime Lorca infiltrates the Terran Empire at the behest of the resistance, she has a hard time believing and in separating her memories of Mirror Lorca from her conception of Prime Lorca. Nevertheless, the two have undeniable romantic and sexual chemistry, and each has had a past relationship with their own universe’s version of the other. She becomes an ally to Prime Lorca in his infiltration – or is she playing him for her own ends? She’s definitely a woman of many secrets. Physically, same as Katrina Cornwell in Prime Verse, but with an edgier hairstyle (assymetrical cut and/or ombre coloration, a la mirror Georgiou and mirror Tilly).

6. Ethan Peck as Spock
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As we know from the Original Series episode “Mirror, Mirror,” mirror!Spock is a bad, bad man. Despite his half-Vulcan heritage, he is an up-and-coming officer in the Terran Empire, and has just been appointed as one of the command crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Pike. Just as Spock Prime attempts to reject and deny his human side, Mirror!Spock attempts to reject and deny his Vulcan side, since the Terran Empire is violently xenophobic. However, he uses his mind meld powers when necessary to further his aims. He bitterly hates his father Sarek who is one of the leaders of the resistance, and has vowed to track him down and kill him. He is close to his mother Amanda.

7. Mia Kirschner as Amanda Grayson
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Amanda Grayson, mother of Spock, is allied with and has been a spy for the Terran Empire. She had a forbidden liaison with Sarek when both were younger and Spock was the result of that relationship. When she took Spock and left Sarek, she stole vital information about the resistance and turned it over to the Empire, causing many deaths. She is vicious and conniving and sexy as hell. She definitely has designs on a higher position within the Empire. Although she maintains close ties to Spock, it’s not clear whether there is any actual affection there, or whether she simply views him as a tool in her greater ambitions.

8. Viggo Mortensen (or similar type) as Alexander Marcus
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Okay, so apparently Viggo Mortensen turns out to be a racist asshole IRL? I didn’t know this as I don’t follow celeb news but when I went to google to get some images I saw headlines, yeesh. Anyway, doesn’t have to be him, but similar physical type. We know in AOS timeline that Admiral Alexander Marcus is an evil traitor. Well, in mirror ‘verse, then, he’s a good traitor, right? That’s my theory, anyway. Since this is a decade earlier, he’s not yet an admiral, still serving as a Captain, in the Terran Empire, but he’s secretly a force for good, plotting against the Emperor although he hasn’t connected with the resistance. He has a teenage daughter, Carol, who is his one weakness.

9. Amiah Miller as Carol Marcus
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So if in AOS prime verse, Admiral Marcus is evil and his daughter Carol is good, then surely in the mirror ‘verse it’s the other way around. Carol may only be a teenager but she’s already steeped in the ethos and morals of the Terran Empire, and is already shaping up to be a brilliant weapons engineer. Her relationship with her father is tumultuous – she at least suspects that his loyalty to the Empire is not what it should be, but she hasn’t yet taken steps to reveal him. Will she? And will she meet Jim Kirk in this universe and have his child? Gotta tune in to find out! Physically, blonde and blue-eyed, British accent, as in AOS but younger.

10. Sonja Sohn as Gabrielle Burnham/The Red Angel
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Just as in the prime verse, Michael Burnham’s mom Gabrielle is not dead but has been flitting around time and space as the Red Angel, so too has mirror Gabrielle. Her motives, however, are much less clear. Is she a force for good or evil? Or just wants to protect herself and her own and damn the consequences to everyone else? She has failed to protect her husband Mike, who is dead, but has she failed Michael? Or, in fact, did Michael “die” in the mirror verse because Gabrielle rescued her and took her to a different time or space? And does she have the ability to pull Lorca back into his own universe, and if so, at what price? Physically, just as Gabrielle Burnham in Discovery.


1. Twilight Zone by Golden Earring. Not only a kick-ass song, but also perfect for this show. “Help, I’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone/This is a madhouse/feels like being cloned” ftw!

2. Teddy Swims’ cover of Billie Eilish’s idontwannabeyouanymore. It’s a song about looking in the mirror and not liking what you see there. So, pretty much perfect for this show. And this guy’s voice has to be heard to be believed.

3. Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa’s version of Your Heart is as Black as Night. Because you’ve got to have a slow, sexy song in there, and this one definitely fits the bill while still being oh-so-perfect for the mirror ‘verse. Normally I prefer studio versions to live but these two are so amazing live that I embedded a concert version. Besides, you can’t beat a slinky tattooed chanteuse singing sexy torch songs while practically writhing onstage, amirite?

4. Half a World Away by REM. One of my all-time favorite songs anyway, mournful and haunting, and about being far away from everything you know and love. So in this case it’s an entire universe away instead of half a world, but still.

5. Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police. Another slow, sexy one for the inevitable (tastefully filmed) sexytiems on a show with people this hot. And, again, thematically appropriate, being about manipulative, controlling love – the most common flavor of love in the mirror verse.

6. Sober by Tool. Because the lyrics are pretty perfect for the mirror ‘verse: I will find a center in you/I will chew it up and leave/I will work to elevate you/Just enough to bring you down, and the song is amazing, and, bonus, the Claymation video is still creepy AF even what, 25 or so years later (man I feel old).

7. Fell On Black Days by Soundgarden. Any number of grunge songs would fit well with this show but I happen to love this one, and it has that dirty grungy sound that makes it perfect for the mirror ‘verse, as well as appropriate lyrics. RIP Chris Cornell. :(

8. Guns ‘n’ Roses, Welcome to the Jungle. Okay, perhaps an obvious choice, but still. So appropriate. Plus, it’s a rockin’ song, you can’t deny it. Just please don’t mention the really embarrassing crush I had on Axl Rose back in the day, kthxbai.

9. Roads by Portishead. Hmm, I’m really dating myself with these songs, but OH WELL. I still love my high school and college music, so THERE. And anyway, still beautiful and appropriate, both the melancholy mood and the lyrics. For example: “I got nobody on my side, and surely that ain’t right” and “From this moment, how can it feel this wrong?” Another live version because Beth Gibbons is just that amazing.

10. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Going further back into the past for this one, but come on, it’s an awesome song, and it’s perfect. The Alice in Wonderland theme stretches throughout Discovery, and continues into this show with the Looking-Glass name and mirror ‘verse theme, and being in the mirror ‘verse would definitely feel like you’d gone down the rabbit hole. Okay, the song is actually about drugs. But we can pretend.

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