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Trek Graphics

Archiving here some of the creations I've made for [community profile] starfleet_hq, the Star Trek Challenge Community, which by the way YOU NEED TO JOIN if you haven't.

Lorca/Burnham, Lyrics from “Grace” by Peter Mulvey.

image host

Kirk’s (Chris Pine’s) Blue Blue Eyes, Lyrics from “Winter” by Joshua Radin

image host

Kirk/McCoy, Lyrics from “The Space Between” by The Dave Matthews Band

image host

…and now for something completely different (a.k.a. silliness)
The Disco Bunch! Lyrics from… yeah, you know what this is from.

image host

I'm especially proud of that last one. I love the Disco crew. And check out the diversity! Among these cast members, I count three women, three people of color, two gay men, and two religious minorities, just off the top of my head. Props to CBS for embracing diversity!

And now some moodboards, the first I've ever made. I used; I highly recommend checking it out - it's free and incredibly easy to use! (I also used for the lyrical graphics above)

Moodboards for Captain Gabriel Lorca, Captain Philippa Georgiou, and Dr. Leonard McCoy

Lorca Moodboard:
image host

Georgiou Moodboard:
image host

Bones Moodboard:
image host

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