Sky (skyblue_reverie) wrote,

Is there anybody out there?

So, hi! Geez, I've been away for fandom for a few years (actually, holy hell, like 8 years) and it all goes and moves on me. I think LJ is pretty dead but just in case there's anyone there who remembers me and/or feels like chatting, I wanted to post here, just in case.

I got a tumblr, because apparently that's where all the cool kids hang out nowadays. I still haven't figured out what I'm doing with it (except to reblog infeasibly hot photos of Karl Urban - in other words, photos of Karl Urban), so any tips, suggestions, links to tutorials, etc., would be helpful, especially related to how to navigate/interact with fandom on tumblr. Anyway, friendings and hellos over there are also appreciated:

I wroted a fic, which I've posted on AO3, but I'm also going to post it here, just because I've always done it that way, damnit, and I don't like change. :p

Anyway, I'll stop now, and see if this gets anything more than crickets.

Tags: me blathering about me
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