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Trek Fic: Eager Eye and Willing Ear (TTOMT Part 51a, Pike/McCoy, NC-17)

Title: Eager Eye and Willing Ear (Part 51a of To Talk of Many Things)
Author: [personal profile] skyblue_reverie
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot (aka AOS, ST XI, etc.), Pike/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Light BDSM
Word Count: Around 2900
Summary: A porny interlude in which one of our boys suffers a sex-related injury and the other one doesn't even get to come. I think Jude's evol is rubbing off on me.
A/N: 300k words, woo hoo! Also, the entire series is now archived at AO3, here.

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"Faster, you bastard."

"Or what?" Chris asked, still maintaining his steady, deliberate pace.

"Or I'll kick your ass," Leonard replied, gasping at a particularly deep stroke.

Chris chuckled. "Yeah, with your knees up around your ears? I'd like to see you try."

Well, he couldn't overlook a challenge like that, now could he? He wrapped one of his legs around Chris's back and tapped him firmly on the left butt cheek with the back of his heel.

Chris just chuckled again, although it had a breathy quality that suggested that perhaps he was reaching the limits of his infamous control, finally. "I stand corrected," he said gravely, but with a glint of humor in his eyes.

"Now come on," Leonard demanded. Or, at least, he was trying for a demand though he suspected that it came out as more of a whine.

"Your wish is my command," Chris said, picking up the pace.

Leonard snorted. If that were the case, they both would've come half an hour ago. He opened his mouth to say so, only Chris snapped his hips fast and hard, hitting that spot inside him just right, and suddenly Len lost his train of thought.

Couldn't have been very important, though, not compared with the slip-slide of sweat-slick skin, the raspy sound of their combined breathing, the rhythmic slap of Chris's balls against his ass, the look of concentration on Chris's face as he focused on driving Len utterly insane, pounding into him so hard that they were both grunting with each stroke.

Len threw his head back, his eyes closing in bliss. God damn, this was perfect, so good, nothing could possibly be better than this, and he was so close, even with nothing more than the stimulation of Chris's lightly furred abdomen rubbing against his cock.

"Len, look at me." Chris's voice brooked no disobedience.

Len groaned, but pulled himself back from the brink, opened his eyes, and looked at Chris. This was fast becoming a thing between them, Chris's need for Len to look at him when he came.

Never mind that sometimes Len enjoyed his orgasm more with his eyes closed - he could focus on the sensations, sounds and scents better that way. No, Chris wanted to see Len's face when he came - or, more to the point, Len suspected, he wanted to make sure that Len saw Chris's.

Len didn't know how Chris could imagine that he could possibly be thinking of anyone or anything but Chris when they were together, whether or not his eyes were open. When they were like this, Chris was his entire universe, everything. Nothing else existed. He tried to project that feeling through his wide-open eyes, tried to give the reassurance that Chris would never have accepted if it were given in words.

Chris's face relaxed, so Len must've succeeded. Then the corner of Chris's mouth turned up in that half-smile, half-smirk that made Len want to either roll his eyes or kiss it right off of his smug face. Possibly both. He snaked his arm around the back of Chris's neck, trying to tug him down into a kiss, but Chris refused to budge, his smirk growing wider. Leonard narrowed his eyes and prepared to let loose a stream of invective, only Chris suddenly at that moment found reserves of strength and endurance that Len hadn't known he had, and he started pounding even more ferociously, now taking Len's cock in his hand and stripping it ruthlessly.

There was sweat dripping from the short ends of Chris's hair onto Len's face and his eyes were the deepest shade of blue Leonard had ever seen them. Suddenly the agony-bliss of Chris's thrusts and the rough strokes on his cock were too much and Len was howling, convulsing, his entire soul, it seemed, pouring out in torrents that pulsed through his heart, balls, and out his dick.

He whited out, aware that his chest was still rising and falling, but totally incapable of focusing on anything except the feeling of being completely wrung out, or maybe caught by the tide, tumbled over and over until he was deposited on the shore, trembling and overcome.

When he came back to himself, the first thing he noticed was that Chris was still looming over him with that goddamn smirk on his face. The second thing he noticed was that Chris's iron bar of a dick was still inside of him, feeling like it was splitting him in two. He groaned. Apparently Chris wasn't done yet.

Chris's smirk widened into a grin. "Now that we've taken care of that, I think I'll go back to my previous pace. With your permission, of course."

It wasn't really a question but Leonard waved one hand in acquiescence anyway. They didn't usually get to do this - their time together was usually so limited, and their lovemaking so explosive, that they came within seconds of each other, Leonard's orgasm usually setting off Chris's.

But this - this was a luxury they were both enjoying, even if neither would ever say so out loud. Len loved watching Chris like this, when his own urgency had subsided, and he could just focus on Chris, the way various emotions flitted across his face, there and gone almost too fast to identify. Chris's cock was a sweet ache in his ass, sliding in and out at the leisurely pace Chris was setting. Len felt loose, lazy, flexible. Pliant.

And judging by the catch in Chris's breathing and the hunger in his eyes, Chris knew exactly how Len was feeling, and approved.

"We've got all day," Chris said, low and gravelly. "Not letting you out of this bed. Gonna keep you naked and ready for me all day long. Gonna fuck you over and over, make you take my cock until you beg for mercy. You want that, baby?"

Len groaned. "You know I do."

Chris raised an eyebrow and gazed at him speculatively. "Hmm, wonder if I can keep this going - " he demonstrated "this" with a wicked twist of his hips that left Leonard gasping - "until you're hard and ready again. What do you think, baby - would you like that?"

Leonard just whimpered, and Chris correctly interpreted that as an affirmative.

"Okay, honey, going to fuck you until you come again. But your legs are going to cramp up if you stay in this position much longer. So I'm gonna pull out and you're going to roll over onto your stomach for me. Then I'm going to straddle your hips and stuff that tight ass full of my cock again. Got it?"

Leonard was beyond the ability to respond, but as soon as Chris pulled out with a slick, wet slurp, he rolled onto his stomach and pillowed his head on his folded arms.

Now it was Chris's turn to groan. "Fuck, baby, you look so good like this, just waiting for my dick. Gotta get back inside you."

An hour later, and Leonard was nearly out of his mind, gasping with every slow, deep thrust, no longer sure whether he felt pleasure or pain.

No - wait. Pain. That was definitely pain. "Chris, stop." It came out slightly strangled.

Chris didn't even pause, the bastard. "Not unless you safeword. Jesus, Len, you feel so good. I could do this all day long."

That was exactly what Len was afraid of. Still, he gritted his teeth. At this point it was a matter of pride. He could take whatever Chris could dish out.

Or maybe not. Barely a handful of strokes later and he found himself gasping, "Georgia."

Chris shuddered to a halt, buried to the hilt inside of him. He felt Chris's forehead, damp with sweat, come to rest on his shoulder blade. For a few moments, there was only the sound of heavy breathing.

"Should I pull out?" Chris asked.

"Yeah. Slowly."

Slowly might've been a mistake, as he felt every centimeter of Chris's length rasping against raw, abraded flesh. He inhaled sharply and fisted his hands in the sheets against the pain. There was a final excruciating stretch as the large head of Chris's cock was pulled through his hole, and then, blessed relief. He exhaled slowly.

"Are you all right?" Chris sounded a bit worried, now that his haze of lust had receded.

"I’ll be fine. Gimme a minute," Leonard gritted.

It was more than a minute, but Chris waited patiently - or, at least, he didn't demand a status update after precisely sixty seconds. Leonard would take it. With Chris that was about as patient as it got.

"Should I get your portable regen unit?" Almost a minute and a half. That must've been some sort of record, and Len nearly chuckled despite the pain.

"Yeah. It's in the side pocket of my bag," he said, refocusing on Chris’s words.

Len felt Chris get out of bed gingerly, careful not to jostle him any more than necessary. A few seconds later, and he felt the familiar contours of the regen unit being pressed into his palm. He propped himself up on his elbows, setting a short healing cycle on the controls and then he handed it back to Chris. "Stick the business end up against my anus so it's in contact and then press the start button."

Chris snickered slightly at the blunt instructions, but did as he was told. The relief was nearly instantaneous. Len let out a relieved sigh and collapsed flat on the mattress, groaning.

"How long before I can fuck you again?" Chris asked, although fortunately it was simple curiosity in his voice rather than irritation or impatience, or Len would've felt the urge to smack him.

"Couple hours," Len said. "The new skin will need time to settle a bit, lose the initial tenderness and gain elasticity."

"Hmm. What should we do in the meantime?" Chris's voice was suggestive.

Len huffed a laugh. "I don't know how you have energy to even think about sex," he said. "At this rate, I'm going to start thinking you've been sneaking extra workouts." He'd meant it facetiously, but the sudden stillness behind him was telling.

He huffed another laugh, this one slightly bitter. "If you're expecting a lecture, don't worry. I'm too worn out."

"Len, I - " Chris's voice was defensive, but also strangely hesitant.

"Don't," Len said wearily, cutting him off. "Not now. I just got here. I don't want to fight yet. All right?"

He felt Chris's free hand settle gingerly on his shoulder and begin a light, soothing stroking motion. It was the closest he was going to get to an apology.

The beep of the regen unit finishing its cycle was loud in the silence of the room. Chris gently removed it, and he heard the clink of it being set on the night stand. Then he felt the bed dip, and Chris's warmth radiated all along his side. One of Chris's hands settled on the small of his back.

"I didn't mean to hurt you," Chris said quietly. Len wondered if he meant the fucking or the fact that he'd put his own health at risk, again. Maybe both. Chris's thumbs stroked small circles against his spine and Leonard sighed. He knew by now that he was going to have to be the one to step up and smooth things over between them. He was the grown-up in this relationship, despite the twenty-two years that Chris had on him.

"I know. It's okay," he said. And it was.

He felt the stiff body pressed against his relax, but Chris said nothing. Typical, really. Was there anyone more emotionally stunted than Chris? Well, yeah, actually - Spock. Thank God he didn't have to deal with that level of repression. He had his hands full enough as it was.

"What are you thinking about?" Chris's voice cut through his musings.

"Spock," he answered.

There was a beat of silence. "Should I be worried here?" It was said with mild humor, but Len still heard the undercurrent of steel in Chris’s voice.

Len snorted. "Hell, no. You know me better than that."

"Just making sure. May I ask why you were thinking about him?" The "while you're in bed with me" was unsaid but Len still heard it.

"Just comparing you to him. Favorably, in case you were wondering."

"Hmm. Coming from you, that's not much of a compliment. I think I've been damned by faint praise." Chris sounded somewhat disgruntled.

“If you don't like my train of thought, you could distract me, you know," Len said.

"Oh? What kind of distraction did you have in mind?"

Len rolled over onto his side, propped himself on one elbow, and casually started stroking his own cock, which stood to attention immediately. He raised an eyebrow at Chris. "I think turnabout is fair play, don't you? Get on your stomach for me."

Chris complied, but he did it slowly enough to make a point. Something about his dominance and how he was choosing to submit to Len for the moment, no doubt. Leonard didn't even bother to roll his eyes at that kind of posturing anymore. Instead, he ignored it in favor of focusing on the broad expanse of skin newly-revealed by Chris's change in position.

Len rose to his knees and straddled Chris's thighs, leaning forward enough so that his stiff cock rested in the crevice of Chris's ass. He ran the tips of his fingers over Chris's back, lightly, teasingly. He heard Chris inhale as he fought to suppress his reaction. He probably considered it a weakness to be ticklish. Another time, Len might've pushed that, just to see if he could make Chris break down and laugh. He had a different agenda right now, though.

He let his touch become firmer, more sensuous. He loved Chris's back, the well-muscled shoulders tapering perfectly to a trim waist, the skin not as taut as it once had been, but just as pleasing to Len’s eyes and fingers. The curve of his spine was a thing of beauty, and Len ran his fingers up and down the valley of Chris's vertebral column a few times.

Chris's back showed his strength - but his fragility, too. Len could see the scar tissue at the base of his spine from the repeated surgeries Chris had endured. He didn't let his fingers linger there, though, knowing that Chris hated any reminder of what he'd been through since the Narada.

Then Chris thrust his ass up against Len’s groin, breaking the mood of solemn contemplation. “Planning on fucking me sometime today, Doctor?” he asked.

Len grumbled but leaned over to the side to retrieve the bottle of lube sitting on the nightstand. He slicked up his fingers and shoved one roughly into Chris’s passage. Chris murmured in satisfaction and wriggled a little, so Len added a second finger, twisting them, fucking them in and out of Chris hard and fast. He was about to add a third when Chris said, “Enough prep. Get your dick inside of me.”

“Pushy bottom, aren’t you?” Len said, but he slicked up his cock and lined up with the tight pucker of Chris’s hole.

“Hi, Pot, my name is Kettle,” Chris replied. Len snorted and shoved home in one hard thrust, in retaliation.

Chris gasped and Len smirked. He leaned over to the side where Chris’s cheek was pressed into the pillow and contemplated the bared stretch of neck for a moment; then, choosing his spot, he leaned in and sucked hard, knowing full well that he’d be leaving a mark where no one could miss it, just above the collar of Chris’s uniform. Fairly near his Admiral’s pips, actually. Len leaned back and admired his handiwork before resuming his deep strokes into Chris’s ass. “You know, darlin’,” he said, “I’ve got half a mind to hit the broadcast button on your comm unit and let the entire ship get first-hand knowledge of how much their captain likes taking it up the ass from his CMO.”

Chris groaned. “You do, and I’ll have to jettison you onto the nearest ice planet.” His threat was somewhat undermined by the way he was now humping up eagerly to meet Len’s downward thrusts.

The contradiction was so very Chris and Len laughed suddenly, feeling happier than he had in months. For now, anyway, he was exactly where he wanted to be. The future would come soon enough, so he was going to grab this moment and milk it for all it was worth. He leaned forward, braced himself with his hands on either side of Chris’s shoulders, and started fucking him in earnest, enjoying the sharp cry Chris couldn’t quite suppress. Hell yeah. Life was good.

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