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Ficcy Thoughts

Well, my darlings, how are you all?

I'm thinking about participating in this year's Yuletide Challenge, both as a requester and a writer. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's kind of a Secret Santa fic exchange for obscure fandoms (roughly defined as having less than 500 fics in the fandom, although it's up to the mods to give a final verdict on the obscurity of any given fandom). The catch, from my perspective, is that if you're offering to write, you have to list at least three fandoms that you're willing to write in, and even though you only write one story for the challenge, you don't know which one of the three fandoms you offered you'll actually end up being assigned. So I'd have to come up with two obscure fandoms other than J/W that I could actually write in! Still, I think I'll probably do it, and I'd love to get up a group of us to do Yuletide together!

If you want more information, the FAQ is here, and on that site you can also find a ton of information including past fandoms, the past fics, and unfulfilled requests from previous years. Nominations for fandoms are now open, and will be open for a week, over at the comm, yuletide. So who's with me? I'll be braver if I'm not doing it alone... *puppy dog eyes*

In other ficcy news, I'm working on smutty Christmas fluff for ennui_blue_lite to go with her adorable J/W fanart. That'll probably be the next fic I complete, and it'll be posted after the halloween badfic for karaokegal's come-as-you're not fic costume party. BTW, ennui writes smoking hot Tony/Control smut, and if you haven't read her latest, Tony Takes Control, you ought to scamper right over and do so now! Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry plus spanking and handcuffs, that's all I'm gonna say.

And, psst, zekkass, if you haven't seen it, lucylou just posted J/W piano porn! It's on her new page (yes, I know, I rarely venture into the Pit of Voles, but trust me, it's worth it in this case) and it's called Jeeves and the Open Book. It is lovely.

Pop in and say hi, y'all, and let me know if you're interested in the Yuletide Challenge!
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