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Post-House Post Party, Vol. II

Hello all! Come on in, discuss this week's episode of House! Meet, mingle, discuss, argue, but keep it civilized, yes? Not everyone here is a right-thinking member of the True Religion wherein House and Wilson are 2getha 4eva and Cammy and her Hairdo of Obscene Ugliness are consigned to the lowest depths of hell. *g*

Oh - I'm needing some serious help, peoples. My stupid Fox affiliate decided to pre-empt House for the stupid baseball game (boo) and I didn't realize until 8:10 that my Tivo was not recording. So I went searching and found that they'd decided to play it on some other channel, but as a result, I missed the first ten minutes. Can anyone fill me in on what I missed in complete, excruciating detail? When I picked it up, House and the ducklings were down in the clinic (?) and House was shouting "fecal matter!" (Sorry to my f-list peeps that haven't seen it, but that's not too much of a spoiler, is it?)

flufshepherd, ennui_blue_lite, and maxine_penborne, I'll see you guys inside! I won't have too much energy for tonight, and you all might already be asleep, so we can continue tomorrow.
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