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Trek Fic: Nail in the Coffin Part 3 of 3

Title: Nail in the Coffin (Part 3 of 3)
Author: skyblue_reverie
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/McCoy
Rating: NC-17 liekwoah.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: BDSM, discussion of non-con (not of a main character)
Word Count: Around 25,000
Summary: Modern day FBI AU. Jim and Bones are partners who have just been given a new undercover assignment.
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anything whatsoever is purely coincidental.
A/N : Many thanks to ellie_pierson for the fast and fabulous beta job! This is mah bff ennui_blue_lite's long-overdue birthday fic. She gave me my choice of using the prompt "Masters/slaves; Doms/subs" from my kink bingo card or "Undercover; forced to hurt your partner" from my hurt/comfort bingo card. This monstrosity of a plot bunny was the result. I hope it was worth the wait, honey. I love you madly, now & always.

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The club was packed tonight, and Jim felt slightly smug about the way they got to cut the line, receiving a deferential greeting from the staff at the front as they were waved in. When they got in, their usual spot on the sofa was already taken, but Marcus waved them over from a table in the corner and everyone moved over to make room for Bones' chair and for him, kneeling next to Bones' chair.

Bones ordered a round of drinks for everyone at the table, on his "tab," which of course meant on the house, and the server didn't even blink, just brought everyone their drinks. It made Bones pretty popular at the table, and he chatted easily, artfully quizzing the others and picking up gossip and background information that might be helpful for their case. It was kind of a revelation, watching Bones work. He'd always assumed that Bones was just more hesitant than he was, or less brave, or something. If he was completely honest with himself, he'd always thought he was a better undercover agent than Bones. It kind of shamed him now, that he'd thought that.

Bones was a master of subtlety. He was extracting information that people weren't even aware they were giving away. He learned several useful details about Ayel -- that he was Nero's cousin and right-hand man but that he barely ever showed up at the club, that he was usually traveling on business for the club (although why running a nightclub would require business travel no one seemed to know or care), and that most of his travel was to eastern Europe. He even got some information about Nero's schedule and his upcoming trip with Ayel to Croatia. Jim let himself drift into a light trance, memorizing everything that was being said without processing it. He'd be able to repeat it back later, verbatim. He leaned his head against Bones' thigh and closed his eyes, sighing softly when he felt Bones' warm hand stroking through his hair.

It was really kind of bizarre that he was enjoying this so much. He was usually the one who took the lead in his sexual encounters. He'd always liked it that way. This submission thing didn't fit with his self-image and it was kind of freaking him out. But then, this was different from anything he'd had before. This was love, and commitment, and all that kind of scary shit he'd always avoided before, but now it didn't seem so bad. And above all, this was Bones. And hey, he couldn't really deny that he was getting a massive charge out of this, and Bones seemed to like it too, so all in all, it was probably better just to quit over-analyzing and go with it.

When the conversation had moved away from anything useful to the investigation, Bones stood up and made his goodbyes. Jim fell into place behind him, expecting that they'd be heading home now. He didn't expect that Bones would head for the door that led to the rooms where, as he'd put it on their first night here, the "explicit shit" happened.

Bones opened a door leading to one of the hallways they'd never been down. There were rows of doors, mostly closed, although some were open. Peeking through the open doors as they passed, Jim could see that those rooms were empty -- well, empty of people. They appeared to be well-stocked with supplies and equipment that looked equal parts alarming and enticing. Muffled sounds of pleasure were coming from behind the closed doors, and Jim's cock started to perk up in response, but Bones led him past all of these rooms without slowing.

They turned a corner and entered a new hallway, and in this corridor, there were rooms on both sides, but there were windows, too, looking in on each of the rooms. Now Bones paused, leading him to the first window, standing behind him with his hands on Jim's hips as they looked in on the scene.

A woman with a soft, curvy figure was dressed in some kind of leather corset and thigh-high boots and holding a whip. There was a naked man kneeling at her feet, hands bound behind his back as he bent over to lick the shiny black leather of her boots. Jim's eyes widened.

He felt Bones' warm breath next to his ear, and heard Bones' husky whisper. "You've never done anything like this before, have you, Jim?" Jim shook his head, his cheeks heating a bit.

"Mmm, good. I like knowing I'm the first one to get your submission." Jim shuddered at Bones' softly growled confession, and all that it implied about what they'd be getting up to tonight. "But it means we're going to take this slow, while you figure out what you like, where your limits are. For now, we'll just look. You'll tell me if you see something you'd like to try or something that you know you don't want to try. Got it?"

Jim nodded, his heart beating ridiculously fast. He looked at the scene in front of him for a few more seconds, but the idea of licking Bones' boots didn't really do anything for him. Being bound on his knees, maybe, but not the whole shoe fetish thing. He gave a minute shake of his head, and Bones immediately led him over to the next window.

In this room, a man was bent almost double over some kind of bench while another man smacked his ass with a wooden paddle. Jim's breath caught, and his cock hardened painfully fast. Bones must've noticed the reaction, because he palmed Jim's cock and chuckled in his ear. "Yeah, thought you might like that. I'm definitely going to enjoy paddling your ass whenever you get on my nerves, Jim." Jim whimpered. Bones took his hand and led him over to the next window.

They spent at least half an hour going from window to window, sometimes moving on immediately, and sometimes staying for several minutes to watch what was going on. Jim had had no idea that there were so many options for this kind of thing. It was kind of mind-blowing -- he'd always thought he was an expert on sex. Apparently he still had a lot to learn.

They stopped in front of another window, and in this room, like the others, there was a kinky scene being played out. A slender blond man -- barely more than a kid, really -- was strapped to a gigantic X-shaped frame. He looked out of it, practically unconscious, his head lolling limply from his shoulders. A balding man wearing a mask was lashing him with some kind of flogger. Jim immediately felt a chill. This was wrong. Bones' fingers dug hard into his hips and he knew Bones could feel it too.

Bones leaned in and whispered in his ear, just as he'd done in front of all the other windows, but this time his voice was deadly serious. "This isn't a consensual scene. This must be one of Nero's slaves."

Jim nodded. "What's our move?" he murmured under his breath.

"Time to test out whether my powers of bluster are as good as you think they are," he said. "I'm going to bully my way into checking out the kid, and while I'm doing that, you see if you can chat up the asshole with the flogger. The most important thing you can do is keep him distracted, but if he's talkative, find out anything you can that might help us."

Jim nodded. "Got it, Bones. All right, let's do this."

Bones turned the door handle and strode into the room, Jim only a pace behind. The balding man immediately spun, staring at them.

"What the fuck are you doing? This is a private scene."

Bones' voice was calm and authoritative. "I'm the staff physician for Narada. Mr. Nero entrusts me with the health of his... assets. A business can only run when all of its equipment is in prime working condition, after all."

"Hey, I paid for this time -” the guy protested.

"And you've taken it too far and now it's over. You want a refund, I suggest you take it up with Mr. Nero. Now I'm going to check on this young man to make sure that you haven't caused any permanent damage, and if you have, I can tell you that Mr. Nero will not be happy." He strode over to the X-frame and began unstrapping the leather restraints that were the only things preventing the blond kid from falling.

Baldy looked like he was warming up for another round of arguing, so Jim stepped up to him and put on his best fuck-me smile. This asshole obviously thought of himself as a Dom, so Jim could probably work that to his advantage, play up to this guy's ego.

"Hey there. My name's Jimmy. You look like you really know what you're doing," he said, nodding at the flogger. "Too bad your little playmate couldn't take what you were dishing out."

The guy ran speculative eyes over him. "You think you'd do better?"

Jim let his smile widen into a cocky grin. "Oh, I know I would. Question is, could you keep up with me? Think you could give me what I need?"

The guy chuckled in a way that he probably thought was sexy, but it just gave Jim the creeps. "Maybe we should find out."

"Not unless I see you first. I like to know what I'm getting into. Or, I should say, what's getting into me." Jim gave a suggestive leer.

It seemed to work because the guy took off his mask. "Like what you see?"

He was white, middle-aged, and completely ordinary looking. But Jim had a good memory for faces, so he pretended to look him over carefully, while memorizing his features. Then he licked his lips. "Yeah, I do," he said. "You got a name?"

"Master's the only thing you'll be calling me, so don't worry your pretty little head about it," the guy cooed at him. Ew, what a sleazeball.

Jim pouted. "But that's so generic. At least give me something -- Master what? I'd rather call you 'Master Jeff' or 'Master Smith' or whatever."

"You really are a sassy one, aren't you? I think you need taking down a peg or two." The guy was obviously interested, judging by the bulge in his pants.

"Oh, I dare you," said Jim. "But not here. Gimme your name and number and I'll call you, arrange something more... private. Gotta ditch the old man," he said in a confidential tone, jerking his head at Bones, deep in quiet conversation with the injured kid, who was now lying flat on his back on the floor. Jim put on his most flirtatious look, and then batted his eyelashes for good measure.

Baldy cleared his throat and looked a bit dazed. Oh yeah, hook, line, and sinker. "I don't have anything to write it down on," he said.

Jim tapped the side of his head. "I'll remember."

"You'd better," Baldy said, trying and failing to sound threatening. Bones could do better in his sleep. Jim rolled his eyes internally, as the guy continued. "It's 415-555-9097. And it's 'Master Gary.'"

"Got it," Jim said, repeating it back. Then he glanced meaningfully at Bones. "Uh-oh, Dr. Dubois looks pissed. I think maybe you seriously hurt that guy. Nero doesn't like that." Gary was looking a little panicked now.

"Tell you what, Master Gary," Jim said, trying to keep a straight face, "I can handle Dr. Dubois for you, take the heat, convince him that Nero doesn't need to be told, at least not right away. Then whoever gets that sub next, it can be their fault he was injured, not yours. I like you, Master Gary. I don't want you to get in trouble because some weakling of a sub couldn't take what you were giving him."

"You're a good boy, Jimmy," Gary said, looking immeasurably relieved. "I think I'll just call it a night then. I'll be waiting for your call. Don't let me down." He licked his lips lasciviously.

Jim felt a strong desire to shower, maybe with bleach, but he pasted on a smile. "Oh, don't worry, Master Gary, I won't. You'll be hearing from me real soon."

And with that, the guy fled. Jim immediately rushed over to Bones' side. "What can I do?" he asked quietly.

"We've got to get this boy to a doctor," said Bones. "This is more than I can handle by myself. Any ideas how we can get him out of here without drawing Nero's attention?"

Jim thought fast. "Master Gary" had left his leather mask, so he picked it up and slipped it over the kid's face as he spoke. "All right, I think we should take him out the side exit. The one that leads directly to the parking lot. There's no security there. We hold him up between us; make it look like we're taking him home for some fun. Then just hope that no one stops us. I'll keep him quiet in the car, and we'll drive him to the hospital. I'll call Pike and arrange for him to take over from there."

Bones looked grim, and Jim had to agree that it wasn't a great plan, but it was the best he could do on short notice.

They made it out of the club without being stopped. Jim wasn't sure if they'd been observed, but it was too late to worry about that right now. They kept silent in the car, the kid they'd rescued too out of it to protest or make any noise. Bones broke most of the traffic laws on the books getting them to the hospital, and then he and Jim between them hustled the kid into the emergency room, Bones yelling for help.

While Bones briefed the doctor on the kid's injuries, Jim stepped outside and called Pike, bringing him up to date.

"We've got to question him as soon as he's lucid, see if we can figure out where the rest of the victims are being held. Now that we've taken one of his vics, I'm sure Nero's going to move the rest of them," Jim said.

"Does he speak English or do I need to send an interpreter?" Pike asked.

"Not sure -- I'll have to check with Bones. They at least managed to communicate a little, I think."

"What about the guy who was beating the kid?"

"His name's Gary. His cell number's 415-555-9097. Pretty sure he wasn't smart enough to get an untraceable phone, so you should be able to get his address from that, pull him in for questioning. Guy's a sadistic bastard but he's not a hardened criminal. He'll be begging to cut a deal, tell you everything he knows. Hopefully between the two witnesses, we'll have enough to crack this thing open. But we've got to move fast."

"Understood. I'll put the wheels in motion. You find out what language the kid speaks and whether we need an interpreter."

"All right. Oh -- Nero and Ayel were planning a trip to Croatia tomorrow, so if they get spooked they might move up their plans. You might want to tag the airports, just in case."

"Got it," Pike said. "Jim -- you guys did good."

"Hold off on those congratulations until we've got Nero in custody, sir," Jim said. Then he snapped his phone shut and went to find Bones.

He found Bones in the waiting room, looking extremely pissed off.

"What's up?" Jim asked cautiously.

"They've got him stabilized but they won't let me see him yet. His name's Milorad Petrovic and he's 17 years old. Seventeen goddamn years old. They brought him in from Serbia about six weeks ago -- promised him a new life in America. Shit."

"So he speaks English then?"

"Yeah, some. But he'll probably be able to give us more detailed and accurate information if we have an interpreter. Serbian. Think we can get one of those at short notice?"

Jim grinned. "I'll have Pike send Uhura over. I'm sure she won't mind being woken up at" -- he checked his cell phone -- "1:30 a.m."

Twenty minutes later, Uhura walked through the E.R. doors, looking calm and unruffled. Trailing behind her was her team's leader, Spock. Now that was interesting. Looked like he and Bones weren't the only co-workers breaking the fraternization rules.

"Late night at the office?" Jim asked innocently.

"Cute outfit, Kirk," she returned pleasantly. Jim flushed -- he'd forgotten he was still in his leather pants and collar. Uhura turned to Bones. "What's going on?"

"Serbian kid brought here and forced into prostitution. We're sure there are more, and we need to know where they're being held now, before they get moved."

"Got it," Uhura said. "Where is he now?"

"Hopefully moved to a private room. Let's go check with the nurse."

Bones and Uhura walked off together, leaving Jim standing with Spock. "So, you and Uhura, huh?" he said.

Spock stood stiffly and didn't meet his eyes. "I have no comment on the matter."

Jim smirked. That was as good as an admission. He baited Spock for a while more, but didn't get anything, not that he'd expected to. Guy had a hell of a poker face.

Bones came stomping up to them, looking grimly satisfied. "We've got that bastard. He's holding them all at an abandoned cannery. Kid saw a sign painted on the side of the building. I'm gonna call Pike with the info."

Jim nodded. "Tell him we want in on the bust."

Bones waved a hand in acknowledgement, already on his way out the door.

Uhura emerged a moment later, looking as furious as Jim had ever seen her, and at the same time nauseated by what she must have heard. She joined Jim and Spock, and Spock put a hand on her shoulder, an unobtrusive but unmistakable sign of emotional support. Jim wouldn't have thought the man had it in him. He wisely didn't comment on that or on Uhura's emotional state. He was brave, not suicidal. They spoke quietly, Jim bringing Spock and Uhura up to date on their undercover op and what they'd learned.

He was giving a detailed description of Nero's scalp tattoo to Uhura when suddenly he realized that something was wrong. Deeply, deeply wrong. Bones had been gone far too long and now his gut was screaming at him. He broke off mid-sentence, said "Shit!"

Spock and Uhura looked at him in surprise, but he was already dashing outside, knowing even as he did that he was too late.

There was no sign of Bones, no sign that he'd ever been there. Also no sign of a struggle, but Jim had no doubt that Nero's men had taken him. Probably followed them here from the club when they left with the kid. He cursed. It was stupid of him to have failed to take that possibility into account.

He turned around, intending to go get Spock and Uhura, but they were right behind him. The looks on their faces made it clear that they'd figured out what had Jim so panicked.

Before he could say a word, his cell began ringing. He glanced at the caller ID. It was Bones. Or, more likely, it was whoever had taken Bones.

"Yeah," he said, crossing his fingers even though he knew it was pointless.

"Well, hello, James." It was Nero, speaking in a casual tone that made Jim's skin crawl.

"You fucker," he hissed.

"Now, now, is that any way to speak to the man who's got your partner?" Jim said nothing, and Nero chuckled. "I didn't think so."

"What do you want?" Jim asked in a tightly controlled voice.

"Well, now, that's an interesting question, James. What I would like is for my business to have been undisturbed. What I would like even more than that is for my wife and our unborn child to still be alive, instead of murdered at the hands of Serbian imperialists, along with my entire village. But we don't often get what we want, do we, James?"

"I'm sorry about your wife and child," Jim said.

"No you're not!" Nero was practically screaming now. "The entire world stood by while it happened. 'Ethnic cleansing' they called it. And no one lifted a finger to stop it. You are just as guilty as those Serbian pigs for the murder of my family."

Jim stayed silent. There was nothing he could say that Nero wouldn't just twist and use as more ammunition for his insane rage.

"Killing your partner won't bring them back, but it'll be satisfying just the same. Even more satisfying will be making you watch."

"How do you plan to do that?" Jim gritted.

"Oh, you're going to come here to witness it."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you think you've got a chance of rescuing him, James. And because if you don't, I blow up those Serbian pieces of shit that I've got stashed at the warehouse. The entire place is wired and I've got a remote detonator."

Fuck. "Where and when?" Jim asked.

"Narada. Half an hour. And James, don't even try anything clever. No backup, no weapons." The line went dead.

"What is it, Kirk?" Uhura asked urgently.

He just shook his head, not even looking at her. No way he was going to risk disobeying Nero's instructions, not with so many lives on the line. Not with Bones' life on the line.

"Got to go," he said instead. He walked away rapidly, ignoring Spock and Uhura's confused exclamations.

He peeled out of the parking lot moments later, checking the rearview mirror to make sure that no one was following him. It felt strange to be driving this car -- Bones was always the one who drove it. It felt wrong.

He had no weapon, no plan. Hell, he had no shirt. All he had was a growing conviction that if he lost Bones, it would be the end of him too.

He parked in the back of the club, still having no idea what he was going to do when he got inside. Winging it was kind of his specialty, but this was taking it to extremes, even for him. He got out of the car slowly, sure he was being observed. He held up his hands to make it clear they were empty and slowly walked toward the back entrance. No one appeared, and when he tried the knob, the door swung open.

He stepped inside. No one was there, but he could hear noises. From the muffled thuds and meaty smacks, it sounded like someone was being beaten. Badly. Then he heard a scream that could only be Bones' and his stomach nearly turned itself inside out. He started moving through seemingly endless hallways, trying to find the source of the noise, and soon he was running flat out. He hit a dead end, had to backtrack. Fuck, it was like a maze in here. By design, no doubt.

The sounds of beating continued, but now he only heard a few whimpers from Bones. Shit. Bad sign. He wasn't getting any closer, and Bones was obviously getting weaker. He stopped, took a deep breath, ignoring the fact that when he let it out in a gust it sounded suspiciously like a sob. He would do this. He would find Bones. He had to.

He forced himself to move more slowly now, deliberately, following the sounds he could hear. The hair on his arms was standing up now, and he could feel that he was getting closer.

Finally, finally, he found himself outside the door he was looking for. He took one deep breath, then opened the door and stepped inside.

Bones -- fuck, Bones looked like death. He was hanging from his bound wrists, dangling from chains attached to a hook set in the ceiling. His toes scraped against the floor, but he was hung just high enough that he couldn't take any weight off his wrists. His head was hanging down between his arms and his breath came in wheezing little pants. It was obvious that he'd been worked over hard. Jim was torn between paralyzing horror and rage the likes of which he'd never known.

Nero was standing next to Bones, taking in and obviously enjoying Jim's reaction, judging from the smug smirk he was wearing. Jim wanted nothing more than to rip it off of his face. He lunged towards Nero, barely bringing himself up short when a flash of metal told him that Nero was holding a knife against Bones' side.

Nero chuckled when Jim stumbled to a halt. "Good boy. I see that you're quick on your feet."

"Go to hell, you bastard," Jim spat.

"Oh, I have no doubt that I will, but that doesn't matter right now. My life isn't the one on the line right now. His is." With that, Nero pressed the point of the knife into Bones' side, just a shallow cut but blood welled up bright over the metal blade and Jim swallowed hard.

"Take me instead,” Jim blurted out.

Nero just laughed. "Why would I take you instead when I've got both of you? You're going to watch your partner die and then I'm going to kill you too."

Jim's mind raced, but in a moment of clarity, he thought he had it. Something that he could offer in exchange for Bones' life. He braced himself, and then spoke. "I'll let you do anything to me you want. I'll cooperate -- I'll beg if that's what you want. I won't fight you -- you can fuck my mouth or my ass or any other damn thing you want to do to me. Just let him go."

"Jim -- no. Don't do this. Just get out of here." Bones' voice was barely a whisper. Jim looked at him, bruised and bloodied and still trying to protect Jim and thought his heart would shatter. He knew then that he'd do it, do whatever it took to save Bones. It didn't matter what happened to him. He tried to convey that to Bones with his eyes, and then turned back to Nero, forcing himself to turn away from the despair on Bones' face.

Nero's eyes flicked up and down over Jim and he fought the urge to shudder in revulsion. "What a touching gesture. Why would I want your willing cooperation, though, when I could just force you and take what I want anyway?"

Jim took a deep breath and gambled. "Because you don't want to have to force me. You want me to want it. If you force me, I'll find a way to make you pay. You get near my mouth with your dick, I'll bite it off. Won't matter what you do to me in return, because I'll know I'm already dead, and so is Bones. But if you let him go, I'll stay with you. I'll be yours. I'll submit -- willingly. That's what you want, isn't it?" He stood up straight, and then ran one hand down his own torso, deliberately flicking his nipple with a thumbnail, then trailing his fingers down over his abdomen, toying idly with the button on his leather pants.

Nero was riveted.

"Come on, I know you want me. It made you hot when I got my ass spanked. I could tell. Now's your chance. The only one you'll ever get with me. You've got something I want right now, and I'm willing to trade. But if you hurt him any more, you'll never know what it's like to have me willingly whimpering and panting underneath you. Did you know I've never let anyone fuck me before? You'd be the first. Do you want that?" He made sure to keep eye contact with Nero. To punctuate his sentence, he palmed himself through his pants and licked his lower lip deliberately.

"Jim, no..." Bones sounded like he was crying now. Jim had never heard Bones cry. He didn't look at him. Couldn't. If he did, he might lose his nerve, and then Bones' death would be on him. He wouldn't let that happen.

Nero did look at Bones, though, and an ugly smile twisted his features. "I want to sample the goods. Get on your knees and suck me while your partner watches."

Jim clenched his fists but otherwise held himself still. He couldn't afford a mistake, and trying to attack Nero now, when he had a knife up against Bones' ribs, would be a mistake.

He made his voice firm. "No. You can have whatever you want from me, once he's safe. Not before. Try anything before that, and you'll have to kill me. I'll make sure of it. Then you'll never get what you want."

Nero's smile turned into a rictus of rage, but then he visibly forced himself to calm. "Fine. I'll have Ayel drop him somewhere safe. Somewhere public. He'll be free to go."

"Once he calls and confirms that he's safe, then I'll submit."

Nero laughed, and it sounded more than a little insane. "Give you two a chance to communicate, try to hatch some rescue plan? Not a chance. I give you my word that once he leaves this place, he'll be safe from me and mine. He'll stay safe, as long as you keep your end of the bargain. That's the only guarantee you'll get. Take it or leave it."

Jim looked at Nero but he could tell he wasn't going to get anything more than that. Frankly, he was surprised he'd gotten this much. And from the background work he'd done on Nero, he knew that he had a twisted sense of honor -- he may have been a murderer and worse, but he prided himself on keeping his word when he gave it. Besides, it wasn't like Jim had much of a choice. He nodded once.

As if he'd been outside listening, and hell, maybe he had, Ayel walked into the room and started to unbind Bones. Bones struggled weakly, saying, "Jim, no," over and over again. Jim swallowed hard and forced himself to stay where he was.

And then Bones was gone and he was alone with Nero. So this was his life now. He knew he couldn't try to get away. If he did, Nero would hunt down Bones and Jim didn't even want to think about what kind of torments he'd visit on Bones in retaliation for Jim's betrayal. As long as Bones was free, that was the important thing. What happened to him didn't matter. He squared his shoulders and looked Nero in the eye. "What do you want?"

The backhand across the face shouldn't have surprised him, but it did. Pain exploded across his cheekbone and he gasped as he fell hard to his knees.

He heard a chuckle from above him. "That's better. First of all, don't speak unless you're spoken to. Second, your eyes stay on the ground. Third, you stay on your knees unless I tell you otherwise. And finally, you address me as Master. That's enough for your limited intelligence to handle right now. We'll get into more detail later. Do you think you can remember all that, James?"

Jim's face was burning with rage and humiliation but he swallowed it down. For Bones. "Yes, master," he spat. This time the backhand across the face was completely unexpected and he cried out as he reeled from the blow.

"Lose the attitude, boy. You belong to me now. Better get used to it. Now try again, without the insolence."

Jim swallowed hard. His bravado was about the only thing keeping him from gibbering insanity right now, but if he had to let that defense go too, he would. Keeping his eyes downcast, he whispered, "Yes, master."

In his peripheral vision, he saw Nero walking closer. Saw him walk right up in front of him and stop. Then he started undoing his belt buckle. Jim felt nauseous, but he'd get through this. He had to.

"You want to suck my dick, don't you, James?" Nero asked conversationally.

Jim squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. Pain exploded across his cheekbone again and he gasped. "Answer me when I speak to you. Do you want to suck my dick?"

"Yes, master," he murmured, keeping his voice free of inflection.

"Better. Maybe you can be taught. But now you're going to have to work for it. I want you to beg me for it. Beg me to let you suck my dick, James."

Jim exhaled, his rational mind retreating somewhere to the back of his consciousness. It was the only way he'd get through this. He opened his mouth and took a deep breath, prepared to say whatever he needed to say. Except that he was overtaken by a sudden coughing fit. He gasped and choked, clutched his abdomen, but he couldn't stop the overwhelming, hacking coughs. And now he could hear that Nero was coughing too, and now he could hear shouting, and gunfire, and then everything started to go dark. He fell into the abyss with one last thought -- at least Bones is safe.


He woke up in a hospital room. Fuck. He hated hospitals. He seemed to be alone, which was no surprise. His memory was kind of fuzzy, but he remembered going to Narada, and seeing Bones... and offering Nero a deal... and then some kind of raid. Shit. Bones. Where was Bones? He had to see him.

He heard an insistent beeping and realized that it was his heart monitor, going off the charts now that he was thinking about Bones. A nurse bustled in and started checking his readings.

"Where's Bones?" He said. Or at least, he tried to say it, but his voice came out as a hoarse rasp that even he didn't understand.

"Don't try to talk," the nurse said. "Your throat is irritated from the gas you inhaled. It'll take a few days before it heals. The less you talk, the quicker it'll get better."

He pantomimed writing. "I can get you some paper and a pen, hang on," she said, leaving the room. He waited impatiently until she returned, then practically snatched the notepad and pen out of her hands. The nurse just smiled at his eagerness.

My partner - Leonard McCoy. How is he? Where is he? he wrote.

Her smile faded. "He's in intensive care. Aside from the surface bruising and bleeding, he had extensive internal injuries from the beating he took. We nearly lost him a couple of times. He made it through surgery, though, and that's a good sign."

Jim stopped breathing. He heard more beeping and alarms and through a haze he saw the worried face of the nurse trying to calm him down, but he couldn't make out her words. All he could think about was Bones. Bones, laughing at some stupid joke Jim had made. Bones' intensity when they were moving in on a suspect. The way he rubbed his eyes when they'd been working too long, fueled only by willpower and caffeine. His steely focus when he practiced at the shooting range. The way he rolled his eyes whenever someone said something he thought was stupid -- which was pretty much all the time. His gruff, sarcastic voice, and how that voice sounded so different in the throes of passion. The way he'd gently stroked Jim's head when Jim was kneeling at his feet at the Narada. And finally, how he'd looked hanging from the chains, bloody and broken.

Bones couldn't die. He couldn't. And if he did -- Jim knew with sudden clarity that he'd die too. Not that he'd take his own life, but without Bones' stabilizing influence, and without any reason to live, he'd give full rein to his recklessness, and it wouldn't be long until he caught a suspect's bullet or knife. He wouldn't care. He'd welcome it.

The worst part was, it was totally out of Jim's control now, whether Bones lived or died. It was up to the doctors, and to Bones himself. All he could do was wait. But at least -- at least he could be there, by Bones' side while he fought. He took a deep, shuddering breath and made himself focus. Freaking out and getting himself sedated into oblivion wasn't going to help Bones.

He focused on the nurse's face. She blew out a sigh of relief. "For a minute there, thought I was going to have to call a code on you. Don't do that to me again, all right?"

He nodded, but she wasn't done. "Are you trying to get put into intensive care?"

Actually, that wasn't a half-bad idea. He nodded vigorously. Her brow creased in confusion and then cleared.

"Oh, I get it. That's where your partner is. You want to be with him, right?"

Jim nodded again, giving her his best pleading face. She rolled her eyes. "Are you always this much of a drama queen? You're due to be released in about an hour, provided you don't have another panic attack like you just did. You won't be able to talk much for a few days, and you've got a couple bad bruises on your face, but other than that, you're fine. So if you just behave yourself, I'll get you discharged and then you can go visit him."

Oh. Well that would be better than getting wheeled up in a bed and admitted to intensive care. He subsided. She gave a small snort of laughter. "By the way, your friends stopped by to check in on you. Director Pike, and Agents Spock and Uhura. They're up in intensive care now, taking turns sitting with Agent McCoy."

Huh. Friends. That was kind of weird. He'd never really had friends before. Drinking buddies, fuck buddies, gym buddies, sure, but not friends. But he supposed it was as good a description as any. He smiled and he was pretty sure it was kind of a goofy smile, but he didn't really care.

The nurse smiled back and actually patted his cheek like he was a kid. "I'll go get your discharge paperwork started. You just sit tight and I'll have you out of here as soon as I can."

He nodded, giving another dose of puppy eyes just in case it helped speed things along. The nurse rolled her eyes in return and left the room. She reminded him a little bit of Bones. That thought sobered him and he sat as quietly as he could manage so as not to give anyone any reason to delay his discharge.

Forty-five minutes later, he was pulling on some clean clothes -- Pike must have been the one to drop those by, he was the only one besides Bones who had the key to Jim's place, and Jim would have to remember to thank him later. An orderly came by with a wheelchair but Jim took a page from Bones' book and gave the man a glare that would have blistered paint, upon which he quickly retreated.

Pike entered the room, nearly getting run over by the fleeing orderly, and he raised an eyebrow at Jim, who shrugged innocently. Pike sighed. "I'm glad you're all right, son. I'm thinking you want to go see McCoy now, am I right?"

Jim once again nodded. "All right. I'm going to walk you over there. And you will allow me to do so because if you fall on your ass and break it, you're going to land right back in this room and you won't be able to see McCoy. Got it?"

Jim scowled, but let Pike put a hand under his elbow and guide him to the elevator. Five minutes later, he was gasping for breath and every muscle felt like he'd been running a marathon. Pike made him stop to catch his breath for a moment. God, this sucked. Eventually, they made it to Bones' room, and Jim forgot his own injuries. Spock and Uhura were in the room but he couldn't spare the focus to greet them, not with Bones lying in the hospital bed, pale and still.

He pulled himself impatiently from Pike's grip and, as carefully as he could, avoiding the tubes and wires coming out of Bones -- he didn't want to even think about those if he could help it -- climbed right into bed with him, wedging himself up against Bones' side, resting one hand gently on his chest. He heard a gasp of surprise from behind him -- probably Uhura -- but he didn't care. This was where he belonged, and anyone who had a problem with it could go fuck themselves.

He heard Pike clear his throat. "All right, everyone out. Let's give these two some privacy." Then he leaned in closer to Jim and said in a low voice, "We will be talking about this later, Jim."

Jim just nodded wearily, tucking his head onto Bones' shoulder. Right now Bones was all that mattered. Everything else could wait. He was vaguely surprised to feel Pike's hand brush his shoulder in a gentle pat, and then Pike was gone.

Time passed in a blur. Pike must've twisted arms or pulled strings because none of the hospital personnel tried to make him leave. He clung tight to Bones' side, getting up only to use the bathroom or when the nurses and doctors needed to check Bones over more thoroughly than possible with Jim in the bed. Then he'd immediately return to his spot curled up with Bones. Maybe it was his imagination, but he thought Bones' color looked a little better, and his breathing seemed a little easier, when Jim was there pressed up against him.

He struggled to stay awake. He wanted to be there, be alert, when Bones finally woke up. He refused to consider the possibility that Bones might not wake up. Eventually, though, he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer, and sleep claimed him.

He woke to the feel of fingers running through his hair. He murmured contentedly and burrowed a little deeper into the warm body next to his. Then awareness slammed into him and he raised his head, eyes opening wide.

"Bones?" Then he winced. Shit, it really hurt to talk.

"Hey there," Bones said, in a barely-there croak that sounded even worse than Jim's voice. It was the best sound Jim had ever heard.

A huge grin split his face and then he was leaning forward to kiss Bones, remembering at the last minute to be gentle so he wouldn't hurt him any worse than he already was. Bones' lips were soft and full and they felt like heaven. Bones' fingers were still in his hair, and now they were gently digging into his scalp, holding him close as their kisses deepened, their mouths opening against each other's.

The clearing of a throat behind them brought Jim back to earth. He reluctantly pulled away from Bones and looked over his shoulder to see Pike sitting in the visitor's chair, looking amused.

Jim grinned at him unrepentantly. He was far too happy to worry about something like breaking departmental rules about fraternizing with co-workers, or about giving his boss a show. Bones was alive. He was going to be okay. Anything else paled in comparison with that.

Pike rolled his eyes at Jim, apparently reading his thoughts. "Good to have you back with us, McCoy," was all he said, though.

"Good to be back," Bones responded hoarsely. "What happened? What'd I miss?"

"Do you remember being taken by Nero?" Pike asked.

Bones' face darkened, and then he nodded. "And then this idiot showed up and traded himself for me," he said, glaring at Jim. Jim just stared back, refusing to be cowed. He'd do it again, in a heartbeat. "Fuck, Jim, what did he do to you?" Bones asked, suddenly panicking.

"Nothing," Jim rasped. "Cavalry came before he had a chance to do anything besides smack me around a little and lecture me about his rules or some shit." It hurt to talk, but it was worth it to see the way that Bones' eyes cleared.

Pike picked up the thread. "We'd already figured out that you were at Narada -- stupid move on Nero's part, it was a pretty obvious place to meet -- and we were ready to go in. Then McCoy came out with Ayel, we nabbed Ayel, McCoy gave us a quick read on the situation, and we went in. Had to gas the place. Sorry about that, Kirk."

Jim waved this off. Pike continued. "It went pretty smoothly. Nero's dead -- shot himself when it became clear that he was going to be captured. Some of his people are dead too, the ones who tried to fight back. The others have been taken into custody. No casualties of our own, well, except for you two. The prisoners have been freed and are receiving medical attention."

Bones relaxed back into the bed. "Good, that's good," he murmured, sounding exhausted.

"Get some rest, both of you," Pike ordered. It was a sign of how worn out he was that Bones didn't even try to argue. He just tugged on Jim a little, and Jim took the hint, cuddling back into his side. Jim was too tired to tease Bones about his desire to snuggle. Besides, Jim kind of really liked it too.

He drifted back into sleep, grateful now, knowing that Bones was going to be all right.


Two weeks later, Jim and Bones stood in the doorway of the apartment they'd shared. Bones looked like shit, bruised all to hell and gone, but at least he was up and moving around, even if he hobbled like an old man. Of course, Jim was getting all the mileage out of it he could, teasing Bones and then dodging out of the way when Bones tried to punch his shoulder in retaliation.

Now, though, he was quiet. He felt strangely morose. He was glad that they'd gotten the bad guys and rescued the victims, but... he was going to miss this. Living with Bones, the intimacy of it, and yeah, even the domesticity of it. Hell, he didn't even know if they were going to continue doing this... whatever it was, now that the assignment was over. The cuddling at the hospital didn't necessarily mean anything -- they'd been hurt, and they needed to reassure themselves and each other that they were both okay. It didn't mean that Bones wanted a relationship with him.

He looked over at Bones, but Bones' face was closed off and unreadable.

Jim bit his lip. "Well, I guess we'd better get our stuff packed up."

Bones nodded shortly and moved towards the bedroom. Jim followed behind, stopping and staring when he entered the room and saw the bed that they'd shared. Bones wasn't looking at it, or at him, but was instead throwing his clothes into a duffel bag as fast as he could, without bothering to fold them. Well, looked like he had his answer. Bones couldn't wait to get out of here and forget what had happened.

"So, you gonna look up that nurse? The hot one with green eyes who was totally into you?" Jim asked, trying not to sound as depressed about the prospect as he felt.

Bones stopped packing, turned, and shot a look at him. Jim wasn't sure what the look meant. He hated it when he couldn't decipher Bones' looks. "What?" he asked defensively.

"That what you want me to do, Jim?" Bones asked.

Jim was confused. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Bones rolled his eyes. "Just answer the question, dumbass."

"Hey, that was uncalled for!" Jim protested. Bones just kept looking at him. "Fine, fine. NoIdon'twantyouto," he said in a rush.

Now Bones was raising an eyebrow, and it was pure evil. Oh shit, it was the nail-in-the-coffin look.

"Take off your clothes and get into bed, Jim," Bones said, leaving absolutely no room for argument.

Jim squeaked -- he actually squeaked -- and his cock got hard so fast it was painful. He stared at Bones open-mouthed.

"You've got until the count of three to get naked, Jim, or I'll turn you over my knee and spank your ass 'til it’s bright red."

If possible, Jim got even harder. He was tempted, but... another time. Instead, he stood up and started flinging his clothes off as fast as he could. He jumped into bed and lay on his back, spread-eagled. Bones stared at him appreciatively, and stalked over to the bed. "Good boy," he said, and Jim shivered.

"Wait -- what about the surveillance?" Jim asked weakly. Not that he was going to put a stop to this even if the bugs were still operational.

"Cleaned out last week," Bones said, now stripping off his own clothes deliberately. Then he was naked and looming over Jim, his knees on either side of Jim's hips. He leaned down and brushed his lips softly across Jim's forehead, his cheeks, and then nuzzled into his neck. He pulled back to look straight into Jim's eyes. "You're mine, Jim," he said. "That's what you want, isn't it?"

Jim couldn't speak. He could only nod, wide-eyed. "Good," Bones said. "That's what I want too. I want you close. I want us to move in together." Now Bones sounded a bit tentative. Jim nodded again, a smile spreading over his face, and Bones relaxed a little.

"I'll dominate you when we both need it or want it," he continued. "I enjoy it, and I know you do too. But I don't want a 24/7 deal, Jim. I want a partner, not a slave, however willing. That okay with you?"

It sounded beyond perfect, and for a moment Jim just grinned delightedly up at Bones. Bones kept looking at him expectantly, though, and so Jim found his voice. "Just try and tell me what to do when I'm not in the mood for it and see how far it gets you."

Bones chuckled. "Yeah, that's what I figured. All right. We'll work out details later, but right now I want to blow you. You up for that?"

Jim just groaned, and Bones must've understood it for the enthusiastic assent that it was, because he worked his way down Jim's body, kissing and licking as he went. There was no dominance in it and no submission either. Just Bones, giving Jim unbelievable pleasure with his mouth and hands.

He floated in bliss, and didn't even notice Bones' fingers working their way south until suddenly one of those fingers was massaging his hole, not pushing inside, just rubbing gently. It felt fucking incredible. Jim moaned his approval and Bones moaned in answer, the vibrations buzzing softly through Jim's cock. Then Bones sucked, hard, and that was it. He bucked involuntarily, shouted, and came so hard he saw white flashes.

Bones rode it out with him, sucking and swallowing while Jim shuddered through the aftershocks.

"Holy shit, Bones," Jim said after a moment, his voice coming out shaky. Bones looked up at him, a smirk on his face. Jim didn't even care. The smugness was fully deserved. "You've got to teach me how to do that," he said.

At that, Bones laughed outright. "You bet your sweet ass," he said.

"Speaking of my sweet ass..." Jim said, fluttering his eyelashes. "You gonna fuck it or what?"

Bones groaned. "Hell yes," he said. "When I don't feel quite so much like I've been hit by a train."

Jim pouted in disappointment. Bones just grinned and ruffled his hair. "Come on, you brat. Let's finish up here so we can go home."

Jim grinned brightly. Home. He liked the sound of that.

Tags: fic: trek, pairing: kirk/mccoy
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