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Post-House Post Party!

Heya! This be the official Post-House Post Party! ennui_blue_lite, flufshepherd, and maxine_penborne, come on down!

Anyone else who wants to discuss yesterday's House is more than welcome, but be warned - spoilers aplenty in the comments (but please only discuss eps and promos which have already been aired in the U.S.; I'm staying unspoiled for future eps!).

Let the dissection begin! *g*

ETA - by the way, feel free to jump in and respond to others' comments as well - it's a post party, not just a conversation with me! So mingle, y'all! But let's keep it gentle - this is a friendly gathering, not a bar brawl. :) Oh, and on that note - psst! ennui just said something inflammatory about RSL... *evilgrin*
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