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I'm inviting you all to someone else's party!

Hello my f-list darlings! karaokegal has a fabulous idea for a halloween come-as-you're-not fic party. So if you haven't seen the invite yet, check it out here and see if it strikes your fancy!

Hey, if I were to write J & W bad!fic, would anyone want to MST it for me? (ennui_blue_lite, I'm lookin' at you! *g*) Or would that just be too cruel to inflict upon the world? I'm thinking Jeeves/Aunt Agatha, Bertie/Mary Sue songfic. Without smut because a) that'd be out of my usual, which is the whole point and b) are you fucking kidding me? *shudder* I'd need a truly horrendous icon to match this little gem. Any takers? Or should I just bury that idea far, far in the recesses of my disturbed little mind?

ETA: Now I'm thinking Bertie/Aunt. A, to get the added bonus of incest!fic in there, and Jeeves/Mary Sue, since if I was gonna write a Mary Sue (I promise, never in a billion years, except for ironical-type purposes), I'd Mary Sue myself with Jeeves, not Bertie.

I am sick, people! Sick, sad, and wrong, and I must be stopped!
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