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My Weekend List

Well, the work week from hell is over, and I've got a three-day weekend, hoorah! So, ganked from lemmealone, because I'm a total list-nut, here is my list for the weekend. Should be a fun one - I'm devoting it mostly to fannish stuff.

Get groceries
Bake cupcakes for virtual cupcake-party with flufshepherd - Woo-hoo! Cupcakes!
Work on dark!fic
Email for rivers_bend
Email for fenriss
Think about words for river's Stephen Fry icons
Make silly one-photo Jeeves mood theme
Read more of Right Ho, Jeeves
Read more of The Liar
Watch more Boffle
Download songs from musicmatch
Read crossover!crack draft from river

Oh, by the way, any of you on my f-list who are J & W peeps (which I think is most of you!), I could use some help on canon knowledge for my dark!fic. It explores Jeeves' past, and I don't want to contradict anything we know from canon. I've only read about half the stories and a handful of the novels so far, so I could use some help with this. What do we know about Jeeves' past? From what I've read, I seem to remember that he says that he had little formal schooling, and instead was self-educated, and I think I remember that he has a sister (he definitely has a niece, so he must have at least one sibling). What else do we know? Anything at all? All help much appreciated!
Tags: ah loves mah peeps, i am the list queen, in which i ramble about writing
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