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My So-Called Life

Well, I had a completely crappy day today.

I was already feeling depressed and weepy when I woke up this morning. I have no idea why – and the first person who suggests PMS gets whacked upside the head with a rotten fish, because it purely pisses me off when a woman gets upset and everyone immediately assumes that it’s “that time of the month.”

Then I had a staff meeting this morning and my boss verbally tore me apart in front of everyone, then I had to go straight from there to a horrible lunch meeting with said boss and two other people, where I had to make nice and pretend that everything was fine. And one of the other people at the lunch meeting (who I had met like, twice previously, and only very briefly) started asking me completely inappropriate personal questions. Joy.

Anyway, all of this has left me fighting off tears all day (dammit, I hate crying at work, and I almost never do it.) So any hugs you guys could send my way would be greatly appreciated.

In other, happier news, rivers_bend wrote me a J/W drabble, here, and jadedgothchild wrote me Fry/Laurie smokingporn, here. You should check them out if you haven’t yet – they are both awesome! Thank you so much, my darlings! *blows kisses*

Oh, and rivers_bend also made me my new default icon, and my new lj header. Come check it out – they look gorgeous, don't they? Oodles of adoration, my dear river!

Finally, some ramblings about my own upcoming projects. I’ve got two things in the works – one is a dark!fic about Jeeves’ past, which will explore the reference to his “unpleasant experiences” as mentioned in the belt!fic. I got bitten by a vicious bunny and it won’t let go until I write the thing up. I’ve got it pretty much plotted out, but have only just started writing it. I’m unsure at this point how it will turn out, or whether I will end up posting it, because it seems awfully dark for this fandom. I’d really like to know whether you all would want to read that. I know some of you have already weighed in, but feel free to remind me of your vote, or to vote now if you haven’t yet.

I’ve also started the brainstorming phase of a collaborative fic that weaselwoman13 and I are going to write together – totally smutless J/W!! I know, me writing a fic with no pr0n – the world must be ending, right? Anyway, I’ve never done a collaboration before, so I’ll be most interested to see what happens with it. I’m excited!

At some point, I’ll also be doing a collaboration with fenriss, and it will be smutty Doctor Who fic featuring the Ninth Doctor (oh my lord is Christopher Eccleston hot). But that one is a bit further down the line. Still excited though!

Finally, I noticed that a few people have friended me without leaving any comments – which is fine, I’ll always friend back, ‘cause I’m easy that way. *g* But I’d love to know who y’all are, and I promise I don’t bite, so if you feel moved to do so, I’d love it if you’d drop me a comment here and introduce yourself – just tell me something about you so I know who you are!

ETA: Oooh, and after I posted this, the incredibly lovely & sweet purplesyringes wrote me a little J/W kink!ficlet, here. Y'all should go read it, because it's teh HAWT. You are so wonderful, my dear! Thank you for that, truly.
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