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14 June 2010 @ 08:14 am
An assorted jumble o' things  
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DOO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET (and massive gratitude to sexycazzy for the gorgeous banners!)

2. I watched The Republic of Love the other day. It's available free on hulu (thanks for telling me this, imachar!). It is so cute! And Bruce is OMG SO ADORBS in it. Like, even more than usual. If such a thing is possible.

3. My brain is furiously churning out ideas for kink bingo and h/c bingo but so far no words have actually presented themselves to be committed to paper. Hope abounds, though.

4. I swear to GOD I have a Mickey Mouse zit constellation on my face, right at the corner of my mouth. One big one and two littler ones in just the right position to be his ears. *headdesk* At least I don't have Jesus on my face in zits? 'Cause that would just be scary on so many levels.

5. The epic saga of epicness (aka To Talk of Many Things aka that neverending Pike/McCoy fic posted by those two crazy people) continues apace. I LOVE IT. mga1999 is made of awesome and it's great fun to inflict evil on you guys co-write with her. OH! And we're about to pull in a surprise third collaborator to join our insanity with at least a guest appearance and maybe more. Should be great fun. STAY TUNED.

6. I really really REALLY need to get my ass in gear and do a bunch of work today. DON'T WANNNNNNNNNNA.

7. I discovered the amazingness that is Haagen-Dazs lemon ice cream. Their new "five" line, with only five ingredients, in this case: Milk, cream, sugar, lemon, eggs. OM NOM NOM.

8. Rec: we have an AMAZING NEW TALENT in the Pike/McCoy world: zauzat. If you haven't yet read her two recent fics (her first fics ever and OMG SO GOOD) go to her lj and read now! Then give her lots of love so she writes MOAR MOAR MOAR.

9. I just ordered Nowhere Man for cheap from Amazon Marketplace. \o/

10. More as it comes to me. I'm feeling quite loquacious today.
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Sky: [star trek aos] pike-bruceskyblue_reverie on June 14th, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Your icon! I love it. :D

I saw Double Jeopardy when it first came out, like on dvd, I think, but I hadn't been awakened to the Glory That Is Bruce at that time, so I should definitely re-watch. I LOVE N'awlins accents. And tuxes. The two combined.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.