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Sneak Preview

Hi all! If you'd like a tiny little taste of the belt!fic, go here. And wish purplesyringes a happy birthday while you're there, because she's awesome.



Ah, I see that her journal is friendslocked. Well, okay, I'll post the sneak peak here, but should y'all see her around, tell her happy birthday anyway. :)

The sight that met my eyes when I opened the door to the flat is one that I shall not soon forget. Indeed, I shudder to think of it now. Mr Wooster was standing in the entryway, apparently having come to meet me as I entered the flat. He was dressed head to toe in what one might euphemistically term "Western wear," the style of apparel of the American cowboy, as imagined by a British tailor who had been to the cinema one too many times. I closed my eyes briefly, hoping that I had merely imagined the spectacle before me. I reopened my eyes; Mr Wooster’s appearance was unchanged. This could only have been a deliberate provocation on the part of my employer. I allowed my eyes to drift slowly down his person, taking in each of the hideous details of his costume. My gaze was arrested when I reached his midsection. Encircling that slender, elegant waist was the most grotesquely ostentatious belt I had ever seen.

Happy birthday, purplesyringes!
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