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03 May 2010 @ 03:47 pm
Trek Fic: To Come and Spoil the Fun (Pike/McCoy, NC-17)  
Title: To Come and Spoil the Fun (Part 21 of To Talk of Many Things)
Authors: mga1999 and skyblue_reverie
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot (aka AOS, ST XI, etc.), Pike/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Word Count: around 5500
Summary: The further correspondence of Leonard McCoy and Christopher Pike. Klingons and Romulans and Charlie X, oh my.
A/N: From skyblue_reverie: I'll be out of town for the next few days so might be slow answering comments - apologies in advance! From mga1999: Next section: SHORE LEAVE. But not like you'd expect.

Click here for series masterlist with links to all prior parts

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elfsausage: bones-pike-yessirelfsausage on May 4th, 2010 08:30 am (UTC)
*whimpers like a pathetic whimpering thing* You guys really know how to turn on the angst, don't you? I'm always so happy when I see a new chapter from you guys, and then so wibbly at the end when it's over! Goddamnit our boys need their shore leave! And we NEED to know what's wrong with Jim! Pleaaaaase post more soon! I am willing to bribe you with cookies!
Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 02:10 pm (UTC)
Angst? This is angst turned on LOW for me. Just wait. *evol laugh* And I've had lots of fun turning skyblue_reverie to the dark side!

I can tell you this. They WILL get their shore leave. You WILL find out what happens to Jim. I will not tell you WHEN.

As for cookie bribes? Always welcome, especially cookies with pecans. Mmmmmmmm
(no subject) - elfsausage on May 5th, 2010 03:38 pm (UTC) (Expand)
sexycazzy: Kirksexycazzy on May 4th, 2010 09:44 am (UTC)
OMG - that was just so intense, what with the crazy boy going after Bones and Pike being too far away to be able to do anything about it! :-(

And what's up with Jim? Really, I'm very worried about him...:S

Oh, no, shore leave is shortened? Poor Pike - he needed a good rest, a good break.

Here's hoping that things will be okay...please?

Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 02:07 pm (UTC)
Now really, WHERE did we say shore leave was shortened? Hmmm? I suppose we can do that since everyone seems to think it is.

What do you think skyblue_reverie? It would save us a bunch of writing that we had planned for it. :P

I can promise you things will be okay, but the definition of 'okay' is highly subjective. *g*
(no subject) - sexycazzy on May 5th, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - mga1999 on May 5th, 2010 02:23 pm (UTC) (Expand)
claudia_nicclaudia_nic on May 4th, 2010 09:54 am (UTC)
Stupid Klingons, stupid Jim, stupid psychic kid. Hopefully the'll all make it back home in one piece and shoreleave will make at least some of it better. I'm still worried about Jim though. Keep wondering what on Earth got his panties in a twist.
Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 01:36 pm (UTC)
Yes, Jim's panties are quite twisted actually. For good reason. And we promise, it will all be explained, but we figured you guys might want some fun and frolicking shore leave before we bring out the angst hammer again. Oh wait, did I just say that? *innocent look*
(no subject) - claudia_nic on May 5th, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC) (Expand)
amine_eyesamine_eyes on May 4th, 2010 10:31 am (UTC)
Okay, so ...
First comm - so sweet and loving, I want my own Leonard McCoy to say that sort of stuff to me!
Second comm - Chris being sweet, and honest *smushes both of you for the love*
Third comm - Noooo! Start of ramping up the tension between Leonard and Jim and Chris (one of them's going to snap, and it sure as hell won't be pretty!)
Fourth comm - more stress and honesty, and the house! I want pictures! :)

*shakes fist angrily*

Otherwise, a lovely thing to wake up to :D
Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 01:32 pm (UTC)
Now, now. Who says shore leave is messed up? Always with the negative are we? Oh wait, sorry, still talking Yoda speak from Star Wars yesterday. *g*

See, this is why skyblue_reverie answers all the comments.

And yes, one of the three is going to snap. I wonder who it will be? *evol laugh*
(no subject) - amine_eyes on May 5th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC) (Expand)
lilbatfacedgirl: Gangsterlilbatfacedgirl on May 4th, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
Okay, two things:

1. I'm mad at Jim, and I'm NEVER mad at Jim!
2. Please, please, puh-leeze don't mess with shore leave. I need them to have shore leave !

Also, this was awesome as always...okay, that was three things.
Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 01:18 pm (UTC)
1. Poor Jim. All will be explained soon. Really. Might still be a bit though.

2. Shore leave HAS been messed with, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a BAD thing. In fact, quite the opposite.

3. Thank you! Even though I hide in the corner behind the plotted plant, I treasure every comment and worship them properly in a shrine.
a particularly troubled Romulan: st:xispocklookingupillariy on May 4th, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
Oooh, rebooted TOS ep! Loved the spin you put on it. And I was glad to see the Jim references, too; never mind McCoy, I'm really worried still...

The relationship between Pike and McCoy I'd find hard to describe in this chapter, it just feels realistic and not black/white/easily explained with a label, I guess. ;-) I am happy that they seem to be talking more or less frankly now, emotions rather than pure sex. Not that that isn't fun to read. XD

Damn, I'm looking forward to the next post already! You two have me hooked.
Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC)
The fabulous TOS throwback was all skyblue_reverie's wonderful idea. Glad you liked it!

Yes, I'm the mean one who requires them to actually discuss their issues instead of sex all the time much to skyblue_reverie's dismay. I think she's ready to lock ME up and throw me in a closet for that so she can just have her way with them. *g*

Next part is all done. I suspect we'll be posting it this weekend.
drinking rum and writing some: sassypants bonestherumjournals on May 4th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
i literally got all fluttery when len was like "less than two weeks now". the end - GAH! fix your shit up (including Jim), get your sex drive back, and hump like bunnies. sorry, what? i'm not in charge of the plot of this story? goddamn it! :-D
Jude: st - mc coy - looking downmga1999 on May 5th, 2010 01:09 pm (UTC)
That's okay. We don't seem to be in charge of the plot of this fic either. We lost control of the characters ages ago.

Never fear! Shore leave will be the next section and we are working hard on the bunny humping! *g*
Geeky: McCoy/Pike 2geeky_ramblings on May 12th, 2010 06:46 pm (UTC)
Ugh, another beautiful chapter. This has me considering doing a McCoy/Pike ship for next ship wars!!
Sky: [star trek aos] pike mccoy blueskyblue_reverie on May 12th, 2010 07:02 pm (UTC)
Oooh, that would be awesome! And thank you for the comment, bb. :)
imacharimachar on June 23rd, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
Ooohhhh....so much going on, Charlie X (obviously has better taste in this universe), Klingons and Romulans, meet-the-parents-prep....,, and then shore leave troubles, you know these boys really need to get laid right now....they've been through enough.....

I'm not sure I'd piss off Uhura the way Spock is doing, I have the feeling she can more than make him pay......

This was gorgeous:

I want to use my hands and my mouth and my cock to take you apart, slow and sweet, until you give me everything you are, and then that old house will know in its bones that you've been claimed by a McCoy, and that you belong there every bit as much as I do.

And, as a long time Bond fan I can say this :

We've got all the time in the world.

Is very disturbing..........