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Weekend Update

Just a random update on me, my weekend, and the belt!fic (yes, I know you're all just here for the pr0n *g*).

Last night we went and saw Santana at Shoreline. It was a last minute thing - my husband's been wanting to see them for ages, and then he found out they were coming around this weekend, and lo and behold there were still general admit tickets left. So we brought our beach towel and cushions and went and had a lovely time at the show. The music was fantastic (they brought onstage the opening act, Anthony Hamilton, for a few songs. Damn, that man has a set of pipes!) And Carlos Santana himself, of course was amazing as always on the music-front, but I was really impressed at what he said between songs as well. He said some really moving things about being proud to come from the Bay Area, and how we are different from the part of the country that blindly follows Bush (*shudder*) because we are diverse, and accept each other's differences, and we come from a place of joy and hope, not fear. He talked about his experiences living through the history of the bay area, from the Haight-Ashbury scene to the Black Panther movement, and up through today. He talked about unity, and peace, and consciousness, about accepting ourselves and others, and how we should be able to explore the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves without the fear of being called ugly names. And, okay, I was probably experiencing a massive contact high because about half of Humboldt County's annual output was hanging in the haze above the lawn, but still! The man is positively bursting with inner peace and love for his fellow creatures. He comes at it from a spiritual/religious angle, which isn't really my thing, but man, I can't argue with the results. Whatever he's doing is really working for him. Anyway, it was a lovely time and I'm really glad we went. (And, yes, my parents were hippies and I'm a tree-hugging, bleeding heart ultra-liberal - why do you ask? *g*)

Today is for errandy/choresy stuff, plus a barbecue. Got to do some laundry, get groceries, hold down kitty #2 and brush her because she's starting to get matted (she's not a very enthusiastic self-groomer). I'm also planning to stop by a music store because I've been wanting to pick up the latest Neko Case album - they've been playing it on radio paradise pretty heavily and everything I've heard so far is amazing. So we'll probably go to Rasputin sometime today. This afternoon we've got a friend's bbq/potluck to go to - should be fun, but man, I'd rather be doing fannish stuff. Damn these tedious social obligations! :)

As for the belt!fic, it's coming along nicely. I've got about eight pages so far, five of them total smut. It is Jeeves POV and yes, my fellow kink-monsters, there is belt lashing and Jeeves bottoming. *g* A plot bunny hatched yesterday (yes, I have a male muse and my plot bunnies hatch rather than being born, so there! *g*) so that's of the good. Probably be another week or two before I have anything worth sending off for beta, but we'll see how it goes. Sometimes I get writing and it goes faster than I think. I will, time permitting, be working on that fic later this evening.

That's it from me for now. Love to all my f-list peeps! :*
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