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Belt!fic Ramblings

Well, my f-list darlings, in case any of you are interested/curious about what’s going on with me and my Jeeves-muse, I’ll give you a bit of an update.

When I first posted Jeeves and the Serious Consequences, I was either planning to do a Jeeves POV on the same events (particularly the smutty bondage bits) or else move on to something completely different (tm Monty Python) – still J/W, but not a sequel. I honestly thought that a bit of light bondage would be all that people would want to see in this fandom, and I had my doubts that people would even be very accepting of that. It’s such a fluffy, innocent fandom, that I half expected people to be deeply offended by the very idea of bondage in a J/W fic. (And, who knows, probably there are such people, and they just didn’t read/comment on my fic, which is fine. To each his or her own!)

I also doubted my own ability to do a belt!fic justice, especially in this fandom. However, due to overwhelming demand of those who commented (what a lot of sick puppies y’all are, and I love you for it!) I gave it further thought. Which is when my Jeeves-muse showed up, cracked his whip, and demanded that I write belt!fic porn. It had to be in Jeeves’ voice, because I can’t really imagine trying to do a spanking fic in a Bertie voice. (I’ll save that project for another day far, far in the future. *g*) So then I thought that I would start with the tie!fic smut, throw in a bit of plot, and move onto the belt!porn.

As I’m writing the thing, however, I’m realizing that it’s getting really redundant – the Jeeves inner monologue on the two portions is really too similar. So now I think I’ll shorten up the tie!porn part to about a paragraph or two and then dive into the belt portion – probably with a plot thrown in there somewhere, but who the hell knows at this point. I'm also going to try to throw in Jeeves bottoming (in terms of the sex, not the bondage) at the request of maxine_penborne. Caveat - all of this is subject to change without notice, so we’ll see where it ends up. If it comes out totally sucky I may just scrap the thing entirely.

I’ve got about two pages actually written, with another two pages of notes already – and that’s mostly just smut! (For comparison’s sake, my finished fics were about 20 and 22 pages long, respectively.) I haven’t even begun to contemplate an actual plot yet, although I really like Bingo so I might try to work him in. If anyone has any ideas in that regard, feel free to toss ‘em my way.

Well, that’s it from me & the Jeeves-muse, and I hope you all are having a lovely day!
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