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24 March 2010 @ 12:56 pm
Trek Fic: Thick and Fast They Came at Last (Pike/McCoy, NC-17)  
Title: Thick and Fast They Came At Last (Part 10 of To Talk of Many Things)
Authors: mga1999 and skyblue_reverie
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot (aka AOS, ST XI, etc.), Pike/McCoy
Rating: NC-17 liekwoah
Spoilers: None
Warnings: A bit D/s-y
Word Count: around 5500
Summary: The further correspondence of Leonard McCoy and Christopher Pike. SPACE PROM WOO-HOO! Plus more sex, epic romance, Jim Kirk being Jim Kirk, and Bones... surfing?
Authors' Notes: From skyblue_reverie (the loud one): HELL YES we used that line from the poem as a title. Did you honestly think we could pass that up? :p From mga1999 (the quiet one): She made me pick that title. REALLY! Okay, maybe I picked it out. MAYBE.

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Part 9, The Middle of the Night

To: Christopher Pike (cpike@starfleet.gov)
From: Leonard McCoy (lmccoy@starfleet.gov)

Dear Chris,

You're asleep in our bed - god, I like the way that sounds, our bed - and I'm going to join you soon, but I just wanted to write down a few things so I don't forget later.

It's halfway through our time together. I've been here with you for three days now, and damn, I wish I didn't ever have to leave. Although this time, it's you leaving first. Don't know how I'm going to feel, staying in your apartment - I mean, our apartment - without you here.

I guess I should start by saying thank you, Chris, really, for asking me to make your apartment my home whenever I'm on earth. I haven't had a home on earth since the divorce, really. I don't count dorm rooms at the Academy or temporary quarters for visiting officers. But now - now, I have somewhere I belong. Somewhere that I really can come home to, when I'm planetside. Just being here makes me feel closer to you. This place is too big for one, but for the two of us, it oughta be just perfect. I've got some things in storage in Atlanta, and I'm going to have them shipped out here so I can unpack them. Don't worry, not a lot of junk. Just a few things that I kept when I left the house where I'd lived with Joss. Most of my childhood possessions and all the family heirlooms are still out at the family property.

I want to get someone - maybe Philip? - to take some holos of us together over the next couple days. I'd like to have something I can frame and put up on the walls in my quarters, maybe one or two for my office in sickbay. And maybe we can put some around the apartment, as well. Shit, Chris, you've got me feeling so goddamned domestic again. Not complaining, it's just... unexpected, I guess.

It really was endearing (your grandmother's favorite word, right?) how nervous you looked when you asked me if I wanted to move in. As if there was a snowball's chance in hell that I'd say no. You've got me in a state of constant euphoria that's making everyone around me question my sanity. I think you could probably ask me to take an around-the-earth trip with you in one of those godforsaken transparent aluminum shuttles and I'd say yes. Please don't, though. Good god.

The other thing I want to write about, so I don't forget, is the Officers' Ball. First, waiting until we were getting dressed for the ball and I was trying to wrestle myself into that scratchy dress uniform before you casually told me that you'd changed your status with Starfleet to "partnered" and listed me as your next-of-kin... that was a low-down, sneaky trick, Chris. Oh, who am I kidding. You know how goddamn happy that made me. And if you hadn't realized how good that made me feel, I think I proceeded to amply prove it to you over the next half-hour or so. We were nearly late, I know, but it was worth it. Damn, Chris. And first thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to change my status as well.

Then at the ball itself - Chris, you were in your element, and I've never seen anything sexier. I don't even know how to describe it, but it's like you were magnetic. Every eye was on you, and you moved around that room like you owned it. And Chris, you did. I'm not one to be impressed by the trappings of fame or power, but with you, it's not the trappings. It's just you. You are one hell of an impressive man.

When they announced the creation of the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor... shit, Chris, I'm choking up even now, just thinking about it. I think my jaw almost hit the floor. Did you have any idea that was coming? You handled it beautifully, though. I wouldn't have been nearly as cool and calm as you were - hell, as it was, I was nearly busting with pride on your behalf. Then you got up and spoke, and you were so goddamned eloquent, about the incredible losses we'd suffered, and how you'd been prepared to give your life on behalf of the Federation but how the real heroes were those who made sure that you and all the other citizens of Earth didn't lose their lives. Aside from the sheer ridiculousness of including me on that list, I think every word was perfect, and I don't have to tell you that you went a long way toward redeeming yourself in Jim's eyes with what you said about him being the exemplar of a Starfleet officer, and someone his dad would have been proud of - someone you were proud of. I think he might have teared up a little bit. I know I did, along with half the people in that room.

I know I've said this before, but your presence is just... it's unbelievable, Chris. When you officially accepted command of the Exeter - it's like you were born to command. You absolutely radiated power and grace. Shit, Chris, everyone - I mean everyone, from the straightest male to the gayest woman to the most asexual alien - everyone there would have given their most prized possession to have been the one at your side.

But none of them got to, because of all the crazy things, I'm the one who got to be at your side. I really hope I didn't look as ridiculous as I felt, because I kind of felt like a princess in a fairy tale. I'm a grown man, for god's sake, and I felt like I was floating on a cloud, being on your arm all night, dancing with you on that huge ballroom floor, meeting about a thousand dignitaries and ambassadors and heads of state and who knows what-all, and having you introduce me as "my partner, Dr. Leonard McCoy."

My face hurts from all the smiling I did, just from happiness at being there with you. You're going to ruin my reputation for grumpiness, Chris. I'm glad I got to meet your bridge crew, as well. I know you think I'm out of my mind, but Chris, I'm telling you, your new XO wants you, and she wants you bad. I'm sure she's an excellent officer, but just - be on your guard, all right? You're all mine, and I don't intend to share. I can hear you laughing at me, and maybe I'm being paranoid, but I don't think so. Anyway, I trust you, so it's a non-issue.

Of course the sex was incredible too - good lord, was it incredible. I couldn't believe it when you tipped that restroom attendant to keep everyone else out, and then you just winked at him. That bathroom was something else, too - I think the whole thing was made of marble and dark synthwood. It was palatial. And then you leaned me against the counter, facing the mirror, so we could both watch what you were doing to me. You pulled my uniform pants down just far enough so you could fist my cock while you were fucking me, and you prepped me fast then pushed in hard, keeping eye contact with me in the mirror the entire time. Shit, Chris, that was hot. Watching myself get fucked, watching you fucking me, both of us still in our dress uniforms. And the look in your eyes - it was like you were claiming me, reminding me that I belonged to you, belonged with you, as if there was anywhere else that I'd possibly want to be. And then, oh, dear god, after we'd both come, you put that butt plug into me to keep your come inside of me, and it was still warm from your own body. Just the idea that you'd planned that practically had me hard again, and for the rest of the evening it was driving me absolutely crazy, knowing that underneath my dress uniform, I was filled up with your come and being kept ready for the next time you wanted to fuck me.

I don't think I could remember two words of any conversation I had for the rest of the night. I just remember how I felt, with your hand always on me, on my back or my neck or my arm, and my ass sore and stretched because of you, for you.

When we got back to your apartment - our apartment - god, we were like rabid wolverines, the way we were all over each other. I have to admit I'm a little proud that I not only kept up, but that I wore you out - you're still sleeping peacefully in our bed while I'm typing this.

And now I'm just proving what a moron I am, for being over here when I could be in your arms, so I'm going to sign off now. I'll set this message to auto-send in three days, on the morning you leave, so hopefully it'll be waiting for you when you reach the Exeter.

Thanks for tonight, Chris. Thanks for everything. I know these memories are going to sustain me when we're apart.

I love you, and don't you ever forget it.

Yours always,

To: Leonard McCoy (lmccoy@starfleet.gov)
From: Christopher Pike (cpike@starfleet.gov)

Dear Len,

We're a day out from spacedock and millions of light years away from Earth. I'm lying in bed with sheets that still smell like you and God, that sappy old man is back and I don't even care anymore. Fuck, Len. Those were the best six days of my life. I don't even know where to start, but I guess the beginning is a good place. Oh and by the way, I hope you know I was on the bridge, and we were at warp eight, when I opened the comm you sneakily auto-delayed. And shortly after, I had to run a meeting with my bridge crew. God, Len. As much as I loved it, I'm not sure the bridge crew appreciates me all flushed, not to mention hard as a rock, while I'm running staff meetings.

But getting back to our time together on earth, do you know how hard it was to sit in meetings once I knew that the Enterprise had docked? At one point Philip kicked my leg under the table. Evidently I was bouncing my knee so much he said it felt like an earthquake. I honestly think he was moments away from giving me a sedative. And when my comm vibrated that you'd arrived at our apartment? And yes, I mean that, Len. I considered it our apartment even before I officially asked you to move in. In fact, I've had my lawyers draft up a trust so that if anything happens to me, it will be yours. And stop that, I don't plan on anything happening, but you are learning that I'm a man who likes my affairs in order. And knowing we are all legal with Starfleet as partners brings me peace of mind. So you are going to just have to learn to deal with that side of me. So when you get papers from my lawyers on the apartment, just sign them. Hear me?

I'm glad you liked the little 'present' I had waiting for you when you got to our apartment. I had to test those holocams, you know. So I thought the shower would be a good place for one. And since I'm rarely in there without jerking off while thinking about you -- Well, as you saw, it turned out pretty good. I have to admit, we also made some damn hot videos. We'll have to talk about them more in detail later, and I love the idea of each of us having half of all the raw footage that we can exchange later. Those motion/sound detecting holocams are pretty great, aren't they? They sure seemed to capture all of our activities. Next time, I'll have to put one in the kitchen, though. I didn't realize that my cooking for you was going to make you so amorous. Of course, I'm not complaining at all. I still don't understand how you think you need more skill with your mouth. If I had a vid of you on your knees in the kitchen, I'm pretty sure it would prove otherwise. Jesus, I could get off right now just thinking about that, but I have more to write so I'm going to wait.

I'm not surprised that we didn't make it past the front door when I got home that first day. Although leaning on the inside of the door, rutting up against each other like two teenagers -- God, what you do to me, Len. Just kissing you and holding you against me there, feeling your warm breath on my neck. And God, the sounds you make. And yes, you DO growl, Len. You only have to watch holovid #3 to hear it in all its glory.

God, I sound like a depraved man. All I've been writing about is the sex we had. But it was so much more than that. And the more is what is going to keep me sane the next seven months until I see you again. It's going to be so hard not to vidcomm each week, and know it will take days sometimes for you to get my letters. But we both have our crystals now, so I feel you close, Len. In fact, when I was finishing up in my ready room earlier, I saw it turn purple, and imagined you in our bed touching yourself. It took almost an hour for it to turn aqua and God, it made me think you had to be using the cock ring and the toys we'd played with. So hot.

I seem to be doing really well at staying away from the sex subject, don't I? So let's try something else here. In answer to your last comm before we saw each other -- my first love. Well, if we are counting teenage infatuation/love, I would have to say it was that drummer in the band. His name was Steve, by the way, and I'd had a crush on him for over a year before we finally starting having sex, so yeah, I was foolish and in 'love' and said it to him all the time. But I wasn't all that brokenhearted when he left, and of course I had Marcella to keep me company practically the week after, so that was that.

Lastly, I just want to say, Len, that I feel honored that you trusted me enough to tell me the story about your father. I just -- God, I still don't know what to say. And I hope that my silence on the subject didn't make you feel like -- I don't know. Holding you when you were sobbing and telling me about it, and comforting you? I felt like I was finally able to give back to you, all the comfort that you've given to me for the last year and few months. You have nothing to be ashamed of for crying in my arms. I was glad I could be there for you. I am honored that you trust me enough to do that. And I'm sorry that after that, I wasn't quite ready to get everything off my chest, but it was just -- it was too much hearing your burden. I didn't -- I couldn't unload mine onto you right then. But I promise, either by letter, or when I see you in June -- maybe laying in your arms under a tree -- I'll share mine with you.

Since this comm will probably take a couple days to get to you, let's plan on watching holovid #2 together at 2230 on Sunday night. We might not be able to have vidcomms, but I kind of like knowing that we'll both be watching, having our crystals nearby and imagining we're with each other, instead of alone in our beds.

I'm so in love with you, Len. I'm so honored to be your lover, your partner. And when the time is right, when we're both ready, we'll make it more than that, but I'm already yours forever. I want to tell you right now, whether you are right about my XO or not, it doesn't matter. I'm yours. There is no one else for me. I'm completely committed to you. You have my word.

By the time you get this, Jim will have whisked you down to Mexico. Yes, I knew about it; in fact I helped plan it when Jim and I had lunch the other day. I told him to make sure you weren't moping. So do me a favor and listen to him for once.

All my love,

To: Christopher Pike (cpike@starfleet.gov)
From: Leonard McCoy (lmccoy@starfleet.gov)

Dear Chris,

You and Jim conspiring together is a scary, scary thing. I almost feel sorry for the Federation's enemies, having to deal with both of you. I said almost. Bastards have it coming.

Anyway, I am enjoying Mexico, although if I'd been given my druthers, I wouldn't have chosen to come here, as you well know. Jim's been dragging me out to a different club every night - insists I'm the perfect wingman, handsome enough to attract the ladies, but taken, so I'm not competition. Any female attention that comes my way, he's happy to deflect onto himself, and any male attention, he discourages by casually mentioning my ultra-dangerous and ultra-jealous Starfleet Admiral boyfriend. It seems to deter all but the deeply stupid, and those ones I can handle myself.

Then he usually either takes his chosen conquest to the back of the club (he's classy, our Jim) or to her place for the evening, sneaking back to the hotel before dawn. Then he's up early in the morning, dragging me out to do something like touring Mayan ruins, or hiking in the forest, or even, today, scuba diving. I admit it made me a bit nervous, but it was beautiful, seeing the fish and the coral reefs.

I don't know where that kid gets all his energy. It makes me tired just watching him sometimes. I'd swear that he was on some kind of drugs if I didn't handle all of his bloodwork myself. I can practically hear him saying "I'm just high on life, Bones." Oh, wait, that IS him saying that because he's READING OVER MY GODDAMNED SHOULDER AND IF HE DOESN'T STOP THIS MINUTE I'M GOING TO WRING HIS SCRAWNY NECK.

That's better. Now he's pulling his wounded puppy eyes and taking his beer out to the balcony. Too bad the wounded puppy eyes haven't worked on me since about five minutes into our acquaintance. Oh good lord, now he's doing his "casual" pose out on the balcony, as if he's not well aware that there are five paparazzi waiting to photograph him as soon as he steps outside. Naturally, he's stripped down to his swimsuit, and it's one of those tiny ones that barely covers anything at all, because god forbid he actually be wearing any clothes when his picture gets splashed across the newsnet. He just said "I can hear you rolling your eyes from out here, Bones," and why shouldn't I, if he's going to act like a goddamned peacock?

Anyway, speaking of paparazzi, I have to admit I was a little bit shocked to find the photo of us entering the Officers' Ball all over the newsnet the other day. I knew that you and Jim were celebrities, the heroes who saved earth, but I had no idea that your love life was a subject of so much public speculation and interest. I've even had a couple people ask me for my autograph, like I'm a celebrity in my own right just because I'm sleeping with you. It's weird, Chris. I managed to keep my name and face out of the press after the Narada incident, and since Jim was willing to "protect" me by handling all of the publicity himself, it wasn't too hard, but now I guess it's happened anyway. On the plus side, I know Jocelyn and her friends and family must've seen it, and to be honest, that's kind of satisfying. In fact, I've gotten a few comms from people I used to know back in Atlanta - the timing's totally coincidental, naturally - they just happened to be thinking of me and wondering how I was doing, and by the way next time I'm out in their neck of the woods with my handsome partner they'd love to have us over for dinner. Yeah, I bet they would. More like they'd love to increase their own social standing by bragging about their close personal friendship with you. Vultures.

Well that's enough about what's going on with me now - I'd much rather reminisce about the time we had together.

So first, the Exeter. You know how much I hate shuttles, and how I hate transporters even more, but it was worth it to get the grand tour of your baby from its new commander. I got to see that effortless authority at work again - when you ordered everyone else off the bridge and locked it down, no one even batted an eyelash. It wouldn't have even occurred to any of them to question your order. Jim can only aspire to one day have that kind of command presence. But I'm glad you do have it, because damn, christening your ship was incredible. I'd heard rumors, but I'd always thought they were just that. (And no, I haven't asked Jim if he's "christened" the Enterprise because I do not want to know.)

Anyway, after you'd locked down the bridge, you turned to me and in that same command voice, you told me to strip. That voice gives me chills, Chris. It brooks absolutely no refusal. So there I was, naked as the day I was born with you still looking cool and collected in your uniform, and then you went and sat in the Captain's chair (or is it the Admiral's chair since it's yours?) and I could see how hard you were, straining against your uniform pants. Then you handed me a tube of lube and told me to get your cock out and fuck myself on it. Shit, Chris. I'm so turned on right now just remembering it. In fact, I'm going to go into my bedroom to finish writing this while Mr. Universe out there poses for the press.

Okay, that's better. I'm alone now, and the door's locked. Got my cock in my hand now, stroking myself in between sentences as I write this.

So anyway. I knelt in front of your chair, unzipped your pants, pulled you out, all hot and heavy in my hand. I started with my mouth because your cock looked so good I couldn't resist. You put your hands in my hair and directed my mouth exactly where you wanted it to go, angling my face up so that you could look into my eyes. You weren't saying anything, weren't making any noise at all, even, but I could see the love and approval in your eyes. The only sounds were the licking and sucking and slurping noises I was making on your cock. Then you pulled my mouth off of you, and said "Enough preliminaries. Get yourself ready for my cock, Len, now."

So while you watched, and while I knelt at your feet, I stretched myself open with my fingers, got myself good and lubed up, and then lubed you up too. You turned me around to face the viewscreen and then shit, you polarized the viewscreen so that we could see out but no one else could see in, and then you made me straddle your knees facing the screen and you pulled me down onto your cock. You held my hips and controlled the pace, and you fucked me while we both watched the stars out beyond spacedock, and while we watched all the shuttles and service vehicles swarming all around. I swear I could see some of the workers' faces as they flew by, putting the finishing touches on your ship. I felt so exposed, knowing that it would take only the push of a button for you to let everyone out there see me getting fucked by you, or the push of a different button to unlock the bridge doors, or, hell, to broadcast what we were doing to every comm screen on the ship. But fuck if that didn't just add to the intensity of it. I knew you wouldn't - I never feel as safe as I do when I'm with you - but just knowing that you could, Chris, it was hot. Unbelievably hot. Then you murmured in my ear "Harder, honey. Fuck yourself harder for me now," and I nearly came undone. Then you told me that I wasn't allowed to come until you said I could and that alone nearly made me come. Fuck, I'm glad I managed to hold on. I'm not sure I want to know how you would've punished me if I hadn't. Okay, I'm lying. I really want to know how you would've punished me. Maybe someday I'll even be reckless enough to find out.

Fuck, just thinking about that - I'm going to come now. God, Chris.

Oh, shit, that was good.

Anyway, Chris, I rode you hard, trying desperately not to come, while you just made little grunts and gasping noises behind me. And then finally, you pulled me hard onto your cock and held me there while you came inside of me, and I could feel you pulsing and shooting into me. And I was still hard and practically whining at that point, I wanted to come so bad. After you'd recovered for a minute, you pushed me up and told me to get dressed again. Chris, I was about to kill you, then you just said "Come with me" and led me into your ready room. Then you pulled down your pants, leaned over the desk, and looked over your shoulder at me, with one eyebrow raised. Fuck, that was all the invitation I needed. I don't think I've ever prepped you that fast, and I'm supposed to be a goddamn surgeon, but my fingers were shaking so hard I nearly dropped the lube. And then I pushed into you, Chris, and it felt like heaven. Even better for the long wait you'd made me endure. Fuck, you look so good when you're bent over for me, taking my cock. I can't quite believe I lasted longer than thirty seconds, but I guess you inspire me to new heights of sexual performance. So anyway, by the time you told me I could come, and I came inside of you so hard I thought I was going to pass out, you were ready to go again. Then we both got ourselves looking relatively presentable, you released the lockdown on the bridge, and we went to break in your new quarters. I don't even know how many hours we spent in your bed, but I think we made love at least three more times. I'm glad that the sheets smell like me - it makes me feel good that I left something of me behind on your ship.

All right, fuck. Now I need to go clean up, because Jim's going to be banging on the door any minute to pester me about getting dinner. I'll write more later, tell you more of my memories of our time together. And then when I'm in bed again tonight, I'll get out the cock ring and some of the toys - yeah, that's what I was doing that time it took me an hour to come - and I'll have a nice long, slow session while thinking of you.

I love you, darlin'.

Yours always,

p.s. I wanted to tell you again how much I love having my own crystal that's imprinted on you. I don't know how you got one so quickly, and it's probably better I don't ask, but damn, it's good to have it, to be able to look at it anytime and know how you're doing. In fact, I've got an idea, but I'm going to wait and see if it works first. I'll tell you about it in my next letter.

To: Christopher Pike (cpike@starfleet.gov)
From: James Kirk (jkirk@starfleet.gov)

Hola Señor Chris!

Buenos Dias from Mexico! This suite you scored for us is sweet! I'm sitting out on the balcony having a mimosa (hey, orange juice in the morning is good for you). Your boyfriend is still in his bedroom dead to the world. I think that club I dragged him to last night wore him out. He's having fun though! Even danced a couple times with some local ladies. And speaking of the ladies, man, you should have seen the maracas on the one I had some fun in a store room with last night. As they say, Aye Carumba!

I do have some fairly shocking news for you though, sir. So you better sit down before you read this. I wouldn't want to be guilty of causing an old man a heart attack or something. Are you ready?

Bones surfed yesterday. HE SURFED! I've been trying to get him to try it for YEARS and he finally did yesterday. Wiped out most of the time, but he was upright a few times. And SMILING to boot.

So yes, he's having fun. He's not moping too badly. And while I'm used to being recognized in San Francisco, I honestly never thought we'd be so widely known everywhere else. I will never get used to signing autographs and Bones even signed a few without giving them the glare of death! I will say though, we haven't had to pay for a drink anywhere we've been. This hero shit sometimes isn't all that bad.

Gotta run now and wake up your boyfriend. I made an appointment to go para-sailing. Bones doesn't know yet; it's a surprise. If he drowns me when he finds out what I've planned, it's been an honor, sir.



p.s. If those holos of me with those twins make it to you, I SWEAR they told me they were eighteen.

To: James Kirk (jkirk@starfleet.gov)
From: Christopher Pike (cpike@starfleet.gov)

Dear Jim,

You probably won't get this before you leave Mexico, but I'm glad the two of you are having a good time. And I have to say again, it's good -- more than good, actually -- to be talking like this with you again. I missed it, son, and I'm glad we got to spend some time together when I was earthside.

I hope you got some holos of Len surfing. That I'd like to see. I take it you survived para-sailing? I didn't get any memos about a CMO drowning his captain in the Pacific, so I'm assuming Len wasn't too opposed. You just have to push his buttons though, don't you? I think that's a good thing, just don't tell him I said so.

The Exeter is quite a ship. She will never be the Enterprise, but I've already gotten pretty attached to her. I've got a good crew. A nice mix of experienced and firsties. But I'm trying to really enjoy everything about it. I don't know if Len told you or not, but this is my last tour. I'm not leaving Starfleet, but I won't take another command again after this. Still not exactly sure what I'm going to do. I did enjoy that one semester teaching at the Academy, but I still don't know if that's right for me. I have five years to figure it out, though.

Enjoy the rest of your shore leave. It's going to be a long seven months out in the black for all of us.

Take care, son,

Click here for a porny realtime interlude to this chapter - it's flocked to pikemccoy, so you must join to read!

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elfsausage: ku_longhairelfsausage on March 24th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
OMG Surfing Bones! Have I told you lately how much I'm enjoying this series? You give us new little insights into the boys in every chapter, and I love watching them grow closer & closer even though they're usually apart. *wistful sigh*
Sky: [star trek aos] karl backseatskyblue_reverie on March 24th, 2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you bb! I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading, because we're still enjoying the heck out of writing it. :D
amine_eyesamine_eyes on March 24th, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
I really REALLY wish there was a way to get story alerts like on FF.Net - just so I can find it instead of constantly refreshing LJ to see if there have been updates :P

The porn - please excuse the rest of this review, as my brain has taken a holiday from reason due to the HOTNESS of Pike and McCoy!

And Jim's comm - absolutely sweet, especially when you combine it with McCoy's caps lock attack in order to get Jim to go away :P

And of course, the first comm - just ... wow. In one comm you managed to cover their different aspects, the prom, the sex, more sex, more prom and more sex, Len's sheer love for Pike, and Pike's love for Len.

Absolutely-positively amazing :D
Sky: [star trek aos] jim bones high maintenanskyblue_reverie on March 24th, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
Thank youuuuuuu!

In terms of story alerts - I know that if you go to my user profile, you can get email notifications whenever I make a post. I have that turned on for one or two of my friends so I'm sure that I never miss a post by them. I don't know if you can narrow it down by tag, but even if not, these days I'm hardly posting anything but this series. Just a thought. Otherwise, keep refreshing! ;)

Yay for porn! I love writing porn, I truly do. I'm a sick, sick woman, I know. And I'm really glad you liked Jim's comm (that was all mga1999) and the capslock attack of doom (that was me!). :D The interactions of Jim and Bones are so fun to show, especially through the lens of both of them writing to a third party.
random00b: fictionalrandom00b on March 24th, 2010 08:59 pm (UTC)
Love it!
I don't know what to say, besides "I love this chapter!" I think it's because the love between them is just so palpable. It practically jumps off the page. I mean, next of kin & living wills & trusts & sharing apartment...that's serious stuff right there.

Then there's the smexing, which is a whole other thing altogether. Pike is seriously kinky and I love how McCoy is just going with it (and learning to love every minute of it).
Sky: [star trek aos] pikeskyblue_reverie on March 24th, 2010 10:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Love it!
Eeee, thank you! It's a huge compliment that the love feels so palpable to you. :D Yep, they're getting pretty serious pretty quickly... you know that can't end well. *evil grin*

I love kinky!Pike. I mean, I really really love him WAY more than I ought to. :p So I'm glad I'm not alone in finding him hot.
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Duty & Devotion: star trek kira raptureroseandheather on March 24th, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
*scrabbles to wipe up drool*

Uh... saying something was I? Hot so Pike Admiral is. Words brain to fingers from it make?
Sky: [star trek aos] karl D faceskyblue_reverie on March 24th, 2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
Woo-hoo! We melted your brain and turned you into Yoda! *does victory dance* :D

an asphyxiating miasma of hipness: pikey pikehilsongirl on March 24th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
You guys have outdone yourselves.This chapter is perfect, the fluff, the pr0n, the WoW factor. It is just perfect. I am speechless.
Sky: [star trek aos] pike mccoy academyskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 02:46 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you so much, bb! I'm thrilled that you liked it so much! :D
secretsolitaire: ahahahasecretsolitaire on March 24th, 2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
This installment pretty much put a huge massive grin on my face from start to finish. Bones surfing is such an awesome visual, as is Bones with a butt plug, nnrggh, as is Pike bending over in his ready room, asfd;ajsdflah. But honestly, I think Jim stole the show in this one -- reading over Bones's shoulder (Bones's Capslock of Doom is love) and then posing on the balcony in his teeny-weeny swimsuit -- HEE. *hearts Jim*
Sky: [star trek aos] jim warning labelskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 02:51 am (UTC)
Eeee, thank you so much for such lovely compliments! I am thrilled that you liked the sexings. But yes, I agree, Jim does tend to kind of steal the show, doesn't he? He's just so.... CUTE and OBNOXIOUS. *hearts him too*
sexycazzy: Bonessexycazzy on March 24th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)

That was great! ::))
Sky: [star trek aos] bones healerskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
Thank you!!! :D
Dala: andieshep - enterprisethe_dala on March 24th, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
*snerk* Jim is both such a dork and such a fratboy, I love him so.

And Space Prom did not disappoint! I suppose the butt plug was in lieu of a plastic crown and sash? :)
Sky: [star trek aos] jim smirkskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 02:58 am (UTC)
Ha, yes, he totally is, and I love him too. Oh, JIM.

Ahahahahaha yes it's the 23rd century equivalent, didn't you know? ;)

THANK YOU for your comments, bb. They make me smile.
(Deleted comment)
Sky: [star trek aos] pike mccoy scruffyskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your comments, bb! :D

Yes, it's a LOT. We had to split the recapping of this visit into more than one part because it was too much to cover in one. Possibly more than we can cover in two. :p

You are wise and prescient, my dear. Definitely there will be more angst, but we needed a nice happy fluffy sappy break so enjoy it while it lasts. Mwahahahaha. ;)

As always, next chapter's already underway - we just can't stay away from this. So no worries, you'll find out soon. :)
ramie_k: Star Trek: dammit Jimramie_k on March 25th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
Jim is a cheeky brat, isn't he? But Pike is right, Bones needs someone like him.

And DAMN these guys have quite the sex life. SPACE PROM WOAH!! *mops up drool* I gotta say, Pike's got quite the stamina for an old guy! *g*

Still loving this and still cursing you for hooking me into this pairing!
Sky: [star trek aos] pike retireskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
Thank you! Yes, Jim is cheeky and Pike has the sexual stamina of a teenager. :D We like it that way, so we decree it to be so. ;)

Ahahah still totally unrepentant and proud to have hooked you into this pairing. \o/
The Hysterical Hystorian: Star Trek: Bones/Jim/Chrisabigail89 on March 25th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
YAY! New update.

OMG! The Officers' Ball. JesusMary&Joseph, but that was fabulous. I can just picture those two handsome, dressed-to-the-9s men walking about, dancing--how wonderful! And the bathroom sex--*whew* But oh, Chris--telling Leonard he's changed his status and made him his partner *tears up* I'm so happy for both of them. This was such a wonderful, romantic, loving chapter. I'm so glad y'all decided to give them these 6 beautiful days together.

It seems like you've had Chris work through his jealousy issues with Jim, and I love that that's happened. My only criticism, and it's extremely minor, is that you've dropped the discussion about that. It seemed like that was a really important issue for Chris's character. While I'm so pleased you've written them a tear-worthy happiness in this chapter, what has made this story so special is the incredible honesty that they not only share with each other, but about themselves.

Surfing!Leonard makes me very happy; in fact the whole plotline of him in Mexico with Jim makes me smile. And that you made Chris help Jim plan it--nice touch!

And the scene on the bridge of the Exeter--UNGH! I don't think I can even comment. It nearly melted my monitor. I find it amusing that Chris wants to talk about something other than sex, and has to force himself to not, and doesn't really succeed. And y'know, after the week they've had, that's okay.

What I really enjoyed and got all squee-fangirly about was the closeness that Leonard and Chris have. That came through very, very clearly in the writing, how very much in love they are, how much they feel together and joined. Having Chris give Leonard a true home, both physically and romantically, well, there's not much else this McCoy fangirl can say except Well Done!

And in the space of 5 hours today I wrote 2 Pike stories. SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME??? And I love it....
Sky: [star trek aos] pike mccoy half b&wskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you, bb! I always love your comments.

In terms of your comment about the disappearing jealousy issues, don't worry! They are NOT gone, and definitely have not been dropped. We as authors needed a little break from the angst AND we figured that the characters did too, so they're having one of those "honeymoon" periods where you just kind of enjoy each other and temporarily ignore anything that isn't perfect, you know?

Part of keeping these guys realistic is that sometimes, they like to live in denial and sweep their problems under the rug. So they are honest, yes, but they are not ALWAYS 100% honest, especially not with themselves. This will definitely be explored more. There is tear- (or possibly vomit-) inducing happiness this time, but 'twill not always be so, sadly. Those things you sweep under the rug tend to grow and then pop out and bite you in the ass when you least expect them, don't they? :P

But I am glad that you enjoyed aspects of this chapter, the surfing, sex, and the closeness. :D

I am SO PROUD that we've got you writing Pike stories! \o/!!!!
Weeping Naiad: ST: Pike/Kirk/McCoyweepingnaiad on March 25th, 2010 02:34 am (UTC)
Because peacock!Jim almost stole the show, this chapter gets the threesome icon. *nods*

Such a wonderful update! Very sweet... they live together! Bones thinks of it as their apartment! They're out and fierce partners!

And then the sexin'! Oh, my! Pike christening his chair... after ordering everyone off the bridge? And McCoy's all okay with it even though everyone knew what was going on? Pretty hot and damned amazing!

Loved every bit of this!

Sky: [star trek aos] pike mccoy academyskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
Hee, peacock!Jim. I can see the AU now.... ;)

So glad you enjoyed this part, bb! The sex and sweetness was ultra-fun to write. On the christening, since the Exeter wasn't officially in service yet, we figured there was probably like, one junior tech and a janitor there when Len and Chris arrived. ;) So when Len talks about "everyone" being ordered off the bridge, he's possibly being just a tad bit hyperbolic. ;) And that janitor and tech probably just rolled their eyes and went "why do the captains ALWAYS have to have sex on the bridge before the launch?" :DDDD Or at least that's how I envisioned it.

Thank you as always for your comments! ♥
ellie_pierson: Nekkid Karlellie_pierson on March 25th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Jim took Bones surfing?? And para-sailing, we can't forget that!

I loved the details of Space Prom, and the porn holos. You know if Jim finds out about those, he's likely to try to steal them. He may be straight, but those two together would be hot for anyone.
Sky: [star trek aos] jim & bones ponderingskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 04:30 am (UTC)
Hahaha, yeah, Jim considers it his mission in life to get Bones to do stuff he swore he'd never do, I think. :D

And man, if Jim found out about the holos I think he would a) make fun of Bones forEVER, and b) sell them and make a million billion dollars credits. He could retire in luxury.

Thanks for your comment, bb!
snitches be crazy: st - bonesshighola on March 25th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)
Damn my stupid life keeping me busy and away from the internets and your update!
*shakes fist*

I may have sprained something smiling so hard while reading this. Teh pr0n was super hot as per usual, but oh, the love. THE LOVE!!!!! And Kirk and Pike being back on good terms. So much wonderfulness.

Although, I am keeping my eye on Pike's XO. Is Bones gonna hafta cut a bitch?! For realsies, yo.
Sky: [star trek aos] bones intentskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Yay for TEH LOVE! and the Kirk/Pike friendship. I'm glad you enjoyed. We can never keep any of them mad at each other for too long. :)

Definitely keep an eye on that XO. She'll be popping up again, yup.

Sorry RL has been keeping you away from the internets! D: Thanks for your comment, bb.
...a kind of sweet metaphysical blur...: captainmccoyhitlikehammers on March 25th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
So... long freaking day was long on my end today, and from that perspective, I just want to thank you for this lovely note to end my evening on. Just... *deep, dreamy sigh* So nice. Soooooo nice.

Unfortunately, I'm really sleepy, and therefore have no actual capacity for novelty at the present moment - therefore, broken-record!me is just going to reiterate, yet again, how amazing you both are, and how amazing this is, and again, how amazing you both are. Can't wait for more <3
Sky: [star trek aos] karl tongueskyblue_reverie on March 25th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
Awww, bb, don't worry about novelty. I'm always thrilled to hear from you, no matter how long or short or novel or not.

I'm super happy you enjoyed this part, and that we could give you a nice ending note for your long day. And now, have some Karl tongue for extra sweet dreams. :D

Thank you for your reiterations of amazingness, and same right back atcha, hon. ♥