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Jeeves and the Serious Consequences

Hallo, old things!

Here's my next fic, I hope you all enjoy!

I'm trying to decide whether, for my next piece, I want to do a Jeeves POV on these same events, or whether I should just move on to something else. If you leave a comment (which, ohpleaseyesplease!) feel free to let me know which you'd prefer. Also, if you've got any spare J/W bunnies lying about, please feel free to lob them my way - I'm open to suggestions (although I make no promises)!

Cross-posted to my lj, indeedsir and fryandorlaurie

Title: Jeeves and the Serious Consequences (since the obvious title was already taken *g*)
Author: Sky Blue Reverie skyblue_reverie
Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Approximately 10,500
Summary: A sequel to my first fic, The Matter of Mr Wooster's Headaches. A Bertie POV this time, featuring Aunt Agatha and Stiffy Byng and kinky tie bondage, oh my. (Er, but the bondage does not involve Aunt A. or Stiffy. *shudder*)
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Author’s Notes: Inspired once again by the fics of and conversations with the utterly fantabulous veronamay, beta’d by the corking weaselwoman13 and the aforementioned u.f. veronamay. Thank you so much, darlings! *mwah*
Feedback: Will be treasured and responded to with embarrassing enthusiasm.

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Tags: fic: jeeves & wooster
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