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Fic Rec: Red Dwarf

If there is anyone on my f-list who has ever seen Red Dwarf, there is a fic posted that you MUST GO READ. NOW.

daasgrrl has written an absolutely AMAZING Rimmer/Lister fic called Giving a Damn, and it should be required reading for the fandom. Seriously, it is SO GOOD. I am floored, flattened, amazed by, and in love with this fic. You will be too.

So please, go love on her and beg her to write more in this fandom. And if you haven't ever seen Red Dwarf, you are missing out! Go, go, rent/download/netflix/youtube/whatever - it is an awesome hilarious show, and for you Trek people, it should appeal is it's sort of a loving sendup of Star Trek and other space-based sci-fi.
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