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I turned my mom into a slasher!

I am so stoked! Yesterday my mom was in town for a business conference, so after she was done with her meeting she came by and visited with me for a few hours at my place. It’s always great to see her. We ate sushi and gabbed about Hugh Laurie (we are both swooningly in love with him), I showed her a couple of J & W episodes (she's never seen it before), and we talked about House. She told me that she now agrees with me that the couple with the most chemistry on House is H/W!! I nearly died. This came out of the blue, because she’s always been really resistant to the idea. I told her I’d make a slasher of her yet, and she said, “I think you already did.” She also said that she thinks HL is probably bisexual. My mom is teh awesom.

She also immediately saw the red-hot chemistry between HL & SF on Jeeves & Wooster and agreed that J & W are such a married couple. From her comments about Jeeves, I can tell that she finds him as attractive as I do. Kinda strange to find out that I have such similar taste in men to my mom (although I guess it makes sense; we’re a lot alike in many ways).

Anyway, this made my slashy little heart so happy. I love discussing everything with my mom; we can natter for hours about the tiniest little details of our lives. But she has never gotten obsessively into a TV show until House, and she has never gotten the slash thing at all, so it’s really exciting to be able to discuss this stuff with her as well.

In short: YAY!
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