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Fic Masterlist

As of September 2019, I am no longer keeping this masterlist current, but all of my fics can be found on AO3, here.

Links to all my fics. FINALLY. \o/

In no particular fandom order:

Almost Human, John Kennex/Dorian


Pike/McCoy Star Trek Reboot Fic

To Talk of Many Things (a series co-written with mga1999 and it's McCoy/PIKE OMG)

Banner by the amazing fanarts_series

Part 1, Of Cabbages and Kings
Part 2, Of Sails and Ships and Sealing Wax
Part 3, Scrambling to the Shore
Part 4, The Time Has Come
Part 5, The Sun Was Shining Brightly
Part 6, A Pleasant Walk, A Pleasant Talk
Part 7, The Moon Was Shining Sulkily
Part 8, Why the Sea Is Boiling Hot
Part 9, The Middle of the Night
Part 10, Thick and Fast They Came at Last
Part 10a, Twas Brillig (a porny realtime interlude, f-locked to the pikemccoy comm - JOIN EEEET)
Part 11, After the Day Was Done
Part 12, Shed a Bitter Tear
Part 13, No Cloud Was In the Sky
Part 14, Pepper and Vinegar Besides
Part 15, Some of Us Are Out of Breath
Part 16, If This Were Only Cleared Away
Part 17, Such Quantities of Sand
Part 18, He Did His Very Best
Part 19, But Wait a Bit
Part 20, Meaning to Say
Part 21, To Come and Spoil the Fun
Part 22, All Eager for the Treat
Part 22a, Full Leisurely We Glide (a realtime piece written solely by mga199, link takes you to the fic on the pikemccoy comm)
Part 23, Were Walking Close at Hand
Part 24, The Eldest Oyster Winked His Eye
Part 25, A Dismal Thing To Do
Part 26, Had Got No Business To Be There
Part 27, Shining With All His Might
Part 28, But Never a Word He Said
Part 28A, Did Gyre and Gimble in the Wabe
Part 29, Before We Have Our Chat
Part 30, They Said "It Would Be Grand!"
Part 30a, All in a Golden Afternoon
Part 31, Shall We Be Trotting Home Again
Part 32, It's Very Rude of Him, She Said
Part 33, Walked On a Mile Or So
Part 34, It Was So Kind Of You To Come
Part 35, He Did Not Choose to Leave the Oyster Bed
Part 36, To Give a Hand to Each
Part 37, No Cloud Was In the Sky
Part 38, The Sands Were Dry as Dry
Part 39, Holding His Pocket-Handkerchief
Part 40, "I Deeply Sympathize"
Part 41, That They Could Get It Clear
Part 41a, All Mimsy Were the Borogoves
Part 42, Their Coats Were Brushed, Their Faces Washed
Part 42a, And the Mome Raths Outgrabe
Part 43, The Carpenter Said Nothing But
Part 44, To Leave the Oyster Bed
Part 45, The Eldest Oyster Looked At Him
Part 46, But Answer Came There None
Part 47, The Butter's Spread Too Thick
Part 48, The Walrus Did Beseech
Part 49, Conveniently Low
Part 50, The Billows Smooth and Bright
Part 51, Is What We Chiefly Need
Part 51a, Eager Eye and Willing Ear
Part 52, Turning a Little Blue
Part 53, Cut Us Another Slice

Pike/McCoy One-shots


Skin on Skin (Also make sure you read the fantastic mirror!verse remix by zauzat, See you in the morning.)

Fear to Tread

First Gift, Second Chance

Faraway, So Close
Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Take It Down (Kirk/McCoy - relationship ending, and Pike/McCoy - relationship beginning)

Shadow of a Doubt


Merger & Acquisition
Prequel to Merger & Acquisition: Unexpected

La Vie En Gris
Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Into Shadows

Jim/Bones Star Trek Reboot Fic

The Moby Chronicles (a.k.a. the one where Bones has a RILLYHUGE!PENIS)
Part 1 (a.k.a. Lost for Words)
Part 2 (a.k.a. Kobayashi Maru, Part 2: Ahab's Quest)
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5-ish, sorta. One Time The Moby Chronicles Met Jim Kirk's Massive Cock... In Jail. Birthday crack for therumjournals combining her MASSIVE!COCK!JIM series with my MASSIVE!COCK!BONES series. :D
Part 6

In The Deep
Part 1
Part 2


If You Go Down To The Woods Today (co-written with ennui_blue_lite, the link takes you to the fic on her journal)

Second Thoughts

CMO For Sale (mostly Kirk/Bones but includes mentions of Spock/Uhura and Sulu/Chekov)

Communication (make sure you read the amazing remix by echoinautumn: We were once young men)

Getting It Right

An Awesome Shower

Disappearing Act (Make sure you also read the awesome remix by linelenagain: A Hard Act to Follow)


Shipwide Lighting Dimmed to 10%

Untitled Comment Fic - Text Messaging

Unnecessary Risks

Four Holiday Traditions That Have Been Banned From the Enterprise (and One That Hasn't)

The Persuasive Powers of James T. Kirk

The Power of Friendship: Boy Power Remix, a remix of linelenagain's The Power of Friendship

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Don't Know What You Got

Nail in the Coffin
Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Star Trek Reboot: Other Pairings and Gen

Downtime (The Mirror Conspiracy Remix) Gennish; could be read as Kirk/Spock pre-slash. Written for 2010 Remix...Redux 8. A remix of jouissant's Downtime

Thaw McCoy/Chekov with a dash of one-sided Kirk/McCoy

The Big Four Oh McCoy/Chekov

Star Trek RPS (All Chris/Karl unless otherwise specified)

The Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors

Red Carpet

The Reach of His Arm

Nowhere Man

Til Death Do Us Part (Tom/Alyson)

Escape Velocity (Tom/random people, Tom/himself)

Ablution (Tom/Emily)

NCIS (Gibbs/DiNozzo)




Jeeves & Wooster (all Jeeves/Wooster)

My J/W-verse, in order:

The Matter of Mr. Wooster's Headaches
Jeeves and the Serious Consequences
Mr Wooster Takes a Job
Jeeves and the Silver Tongue
Jeeves and the Tale of Abington Chase, Part 1
Jeeves and the Tale of Abington Chase, Part 2
Jeeves and the Billiard Lesson
Jeeves and the Christmas Cottage
Mr Wooster and the Birthday Gift


Yes, Sir, Jeeves Part 1 (Written for Yuletide 2006 OMG THAT'S A LONG TIME AGO, DAMN)
Yes, Sir, Jeeves Part 2

A love without end (intentional bad!fic, I SWEAR TO GOD.)
ennui_blue_lite's HILARIOUS MST of the badfic (Okay, I didn't write this one, but seriously, you have to read it. The badfic is not complete without reading her AWESOME skewering of it. Oh, and our staged flamewar in the comments. Link takes you to her journal.)

Fry/Laurie RPS (Um, yeah, it's all Fry/Laurie. Hence the name of the category.)

Chapter One, the Beginning (an imagining of Stephen's telling of his meeting with Hugh)
Letters I've Written Never Meaning to Send (Hugh's reaction thereto)


Supernatural (Sam/Dean)

The Talk

Harry Potter (Harry/Snape)

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