Sky (skyblue_reverie) wrote,

Hello, Hugs, and Haiti

Okay, so. A few things:

HELLO NEW FRIENDS! *hugs you all*


Third, if you haven't gone blind from the above text of AWESOMENESS, Haiti.

I know there's an official site for fandom auctions for Haiti (help_haiti, if you're interested) but rather than go through that, I thought what I'd do is this:

I am offering to write a fic to your specifications (within reason, pls!) and I will leave it to your conscience and checkbook to donate as much as you can to relief efforts in Haiti, to the organization of your choice. Here's some ideas. That might be just your good thoughts and wishes if you're broke, or it might be a substantial contribution if you can afford it. You don't have to tell me what you chose to do.

SO - request away! I will do my best to fulfill prompts errr... promptly.
Tags: ah loves mah peeps, fannish musings, in which i ramble about writing, me blathering about me
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