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Request for Beta!

Hello! I'm posting this request here in the hopes that one of you fantastic, talented writers on my f-list will see this and come to my aid, particularly you J/W writers (veronamay? lemmealone? cicerothewriter? weaselwoman13? leaper182? Any takers?). If not, I'll post this on indeedsir and hopefully get someone that way.

Here's the posish:

I'm looking for one or more beta readers for a J/W fic that I have written, much to my surprise. I haven't done any creative writing in over ten years, and I've never written fanfic before. I doubted that I was even capable of it, but lo and behold, once I began it just wouldn't stop, and now I've got a fic that's approximately 9500 words. It's a first-time Jeeves POV that contains ultra-sappy h/c, clueless!Bertie and plotting!Jeeves, smut, and very little in the way of actual plot. There is some chance that it is total badfic, in which case it will never see the light of day, but I need someone to tell me whether it should be buried and forgotten or whether it is worth working on further. And, if the latter, to help me with that re-working.

So, pretty please? With sprinkles and things? *bats eyelashes*
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