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16 July 2008 @ 10:46 pm
yay meme!  
Now that I've recovered from a bout of food poisoning this afternoon (ick!), I've shamelessly stolen this meme from rivers_bend 'cause it looked like such fun!

Do you ever picture one of your flisters in your head, only to find that despite knowing better, somehow you imagine they look like Jared Padalecki, or Hugh Laurie, or Drew Barrymore? Or are there certain icons that you see and don't even need to look at the username to know who's made the post or comment?

I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Go to my userpics here and reply in comments with either a) the icon that you imagine I look like, or b) the icon you associate most with me, or c) both.

In return, I will go to your userpics and reply in kind.

feel free to re-post in your journal if you want to know what your f-listers think.
Where am I?: the comfy couch
How do I feel?: blahblah
What do I hear?: LeAnn Rimes stuck in my head
silksievesilksieve on July 17th, 2008 06:04 am (UTC)
I'll play! Except for it kind of feels like a cop out, because your default icon is so very you.

Also the [hugh] hugh eyes one, because the blue is so insane there and of course, it's hugh. And the wooster icons, because I see you as more wooster than jeeves. Especially the bertie racquet one. For some reason, that seems so very you!
Sky: [hugh] hugh eyesskyblue_reverie on July 17th, 2008 06:33 am (UTC)
Yay, thank you! I love my default icon. The multi-talented rivers_bend made it for me and I'm never going to change my default icon, ever.

Oooh, the Hugh eyes one! Lovely! That's funny that you think of me as Bertie-ish, but very flattering! Thankees!

I totally think of you as your default icon, and to a lesser extent the artemis one. Because of those two, I think of you as all flowing and graceful and ethereal. :)
silksieve: artemissilksieve on July 17th, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
*is completely flattered* :D

I guess I see you as Bertie-ish for all the good humor, sweetness, and a touch of lightness and fun in I see! And your Bertie voice in your fics is so amazingly terrific that I don't know how it could be done without a bit of him in you! :D
Sky: [j&w] bertie racquetskyblue_reverie on July 17th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
awwww! *iz grinning and blushing* thank you so much! I guess in RL I see myself more as a Jeeves type - I'm kinda quiet and I'm a totally anal retentive control freak. But I'm so glad that I'm a bit like Bertie too! Yayyyy! :D
(Deleted comment)
Skyskyblue_reverie on July 17th, 2008 06:49 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you! That's very sweet of you, and yay, I'm associated with any icons of the sky! *is prowd*

I totally associate you with the pic of Stephen and Hugh in all their nerdliness at the chalkboard, but I see you've taken it down! In fact, you have no more of Hugh and/or Stephen at all. *sniff*
Fluffy: PM's radiant smiling faceflufshepherd on July 17th, 2008 08:08 am (UTC)
I'll play, but I'm gonna have the same answer everyone else has. It's your default. I see the sky/blue and I automatically click the post. Next to that is the N for Neville, then the Jools one, because I remember helping you make it. =-D

Most of my icons are inactive, but I can still see them, so I hope you can, too.
Sky: [edward gorey] N is for Nevilleskyblue_reverie on July 17th, 2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
Yayyy for my icon-helping-cupcake buddy! Heh, I guess everyone associates me with the default, which is cool although interesting because although I use that one to post entries, I almost never use it to comment on other people's posts. Ooh, interesting that you associate me with the N is for Neville one! I don't use that one very often because I don't have many situations that it's appropriate for, but I adore Edward Gorey and that's always been my favorite of the Gashlycrumb Tinies. :D

Basically any icons that I've made I associate you with 'cause you're my icon guru. Icons of yours, though - without even looking, I associate you with your default grinning Spike one that says flufshepherd on it. That's kinda how I think of you in my head. Let's see, looking at your icons...

Oh, now that I've been traumatized by two of your Bill Bailey ones (the one with pigtails and the little bo peep one) I don't think I'll ever be able to get those out of my head, and of course they're firmly associated with you. ;) Oh, and the "likes it here" one. That one's lovely, and I associate it with you being happy.

I can only see about 20 icons or so of yours - do you have more than that?
Fluffy: Coppersflufshepherd on July 17th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but when I'm going through my friend's page, I always look at the icon first, then the user name, so I've done that so many times that I can hardly think of your icon or user name without automatically thinking of the other.

The N for Neville one just sticks out to me, because it's so different than your other icons.

I'm glad you like my "likes it here" one. I made that, and I think it's one of two of my favorite LoM icons that I did. Well, that I uploaded, at least. *has to do an icon post some day* And, yeah, I do like traumatizing people with the Bill Bailey icons. *g*

I have over 70 icons, but ever since my account was downgraded, only 15 are visible. They wouldn't even let me choose which ones to keep, which totally sucked.
silsbee329 on July 17th, 2008 12:29 pm (UTC)
Default! *g* If I had to pick a different one that i most associate with you, it would be the one of Hugh in the top hat.
Sky: [j&w] jeeves blue nameskyblue_reverie on July 17th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
Oooh - interesting that you'd pick Hugh in the top hat! That was probably the very first icon I made, or at least one of my first. That makes me happy, so thank you! :)

I definitely associate you with your Toys Rock icon, and next to that, your Jeeves Blue Name one that I ganked so we're icon twinses! :D
ennui_blue_liteennui_blue_lite on July 17th, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
Hmmm...Well, I know what you look like in RL, so...

When you're posting in your journal, I think of your default. When you're replying in mine, I associate you with the Stephen/Hugh "I love you" icon.
Sky: [fry & laurie] i love youskyblue_reverie on July 17th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
Oooh, you are so smart! You've nailed it - I always use my default icon to post, but when responding to comments, I hardly ever use that one. The "I love you" is pretty much reserved solely for you - I pretty much never use it with anyone else, and I almost always use it with you. For obvious reasons. :)

Let's see, I can always identify you by your Xander default icon, by your "Wilson makes me :D" icon (the one that I mentally thought of you as looking like before we met), your "OMG I Can't Math" (love that one, btw), the Harry/Perry kissing one, the lion kissing one, and the Tony/Control ones that I made for us. :D