Sky (skyblue_reverie) wrote,

yay meme!

Now that I've recovered from a bout of food poisoning this afternoon (ick!), I've shamelessly stolen this meme from rivers_bend 'cause it looked like such fun!

Do you ever picture one of your flisters in your head, only to find that despite knowing better, somehow you imagine they look like Jared Padalecki, or Hugh Laurie, or Drew Barrymore? Or are there certain icons that you see and don't even need to look at the username to know who's made the post or comment?

I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Go to my userpics here and reply in comments with either a) the icon that you imagine I look like, or b) the icon you associate most with me, or c) both.

In return, I will go to your userpics and reply in kind.

feel free to re-post in your journal if you want to know what your f-listers think.
Tags: sky is a sheep baaaahhhhhh
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