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Here's a meme that I ganked from veronamay

Not that anyone cares, but it's fun to answer these things anyway. I did this one the other day while I was at work.

1. Initials: will be changing very soon

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: I dunno, I’d have to go google it or something. I do know that Kurt Cobain died on my birthday; it happened while I was in high school. Man, that was a downer.

3. Last thing you ate: Fruit salad.

4. Are you for or against same sex marriage? For. I firmly believe that in a generation the right to marry someone of the same gender will seem as obvious as the right to marry someone of a different race.

5. Are you homophobic? Nope.

6. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday morning? No way; Saturdays are for sleeping in.

7. Do you believe in "Dog"? I don’t know whether Dog exists and you don’t either.

8. How many U.S states have you been to? Oh, wow, quite a few of them. Most of the western states, and quite a few on the east coast as well. Not so many in the middle. (Go blue states!)

9. How many of the U.S states have you lived in? Three technically, but I moved out of one of ‘em before I was old enough to remember.

10. Ever lived outside of the US? No, but I really want to live in Europe at some point in my life.

11. Name something you like physically about yourself: Oooh, I have really nice feet. They’re elegant. In the feet of beauty/feet of indestructibility dichotomy, mine are definitely feet of beauty. They blister super-easily, but it’s worth it.

12. Something non-physical you like: Hmm, this is harder because I tend to like non-physical stuff about me more than the physical stuff, but I guess my ability to really get into music, movies, tv, and books. I just derive so much pleasure out of them. I know this isn’t so unusual around lj fandom communities, but in RL it seems I seldom meet people who make such a strong connection with these things.

13. What is your dad's name: Dad.

14. What is your dream car? Eh…don’t really have one. As long as it gets me around, holds my stuff, isn’t a total clunker, I don’t really care.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I’d do a grand tour of Europe, assuming I had money and time to really do it right. Realistically, I want to visit Alaska sometime soon.

16. What is your favorite type of food? Oooh, I have to pick one? Thai, probably, though I love just about every kind of Asian food I’ve had: Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean... you get the idea.

17. Favorite holiday: Christmas, even though I’m not actually Christian. I just like the stuff that goes with it – the music, and decorations, good food, and, of course, prezzies!

18. Do you download music? Yeah, all the time. If I can possibly get a legal version and pay for it, I do.

19. What illegal things have you done? I’m disgustingly law abiding. Probably the worst I’ve done really is some illegal downloading, mostly TV shows. And, honestly, I’d pay for them if I could (and the shows I’ve downloaded, I do plan to buy the dvds when they become available).

20. Where would you want to go on a first date? Probably a movie or play or something – kind of low pressure since there’s not much interaction, and it gives you something to talk about afterward. Of course, it’s kind of moot since I’m married.

21. Would you date the person who posted this before you? Well, again with the being married, but assuming I was single, and she asked, sure, why not. As I’ve told her, she’s teh AWESOME.

22. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally? No, but it would melt me into a puddle if they did.

23. Have you ever cried for no reason? Well, when I’m hormonal I’ll cry for very little reason (like Hallmark commercials – swear to god). Kinda embarrassing.

24. Do you like Bush? *desperately…trying…to control…gag reflex*

25. Have you ever bungee jumped? No, and I never will. I really want to learn how to hang-glide though.

26. Have you ever white-water rafted? Yeah, it’s fun! I was surprised I enjoyed it, because normally I’m such a big fraidy-cat.

27. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you? Oh, yes, when I was 16 and working at an amusement park this security guard who was at least 35 was totally hitting on me. I made the mistake of letting my mom know about it. Boy did she freak. Heh, haven’t thought about that in years.

28. Last person you hugged: Aforementioned husband.

29. Have you met a real redneck? I’ve met some people with various rednecky traits, don’t know that I’ve ever met the full-on stereotype in person, tho.

30. How is the weather right now? Really nice, actually. Sunny but cool.

31. Song you are listening to right now: I’m listening to Radio Paradise, which consistently rox my sox ( Right now they’re playing…let me check…The Sensual World by Kate Bush.

32. What are your current favorite songs? Current songs: Unbound by Robbie Robertson, Oh Lately It’s So Quiet by OK Go, Sang Fezi by Wyclef Jean, Easy Way Out by Carmen Rizzo featuring Jem, and Colors by Amos Lee. My tastes are kinda eclectic.

33. What was the last movie you watched? Superman Returns. It sucked big time.

34. Do you wear contacts? No, glasses.

35. Where was the last place you went besides your house? Work.

36. What are you afraid of? Burglars. Childish, I know, but there it is.

37. OOOOH: New Jeeves & Wooster fic!

38. How many pets do you have? Two cats, who totally rule the house.

39. Have you ever loved someone? Of course – in fact I’ve never not loved someone – I’ve loved my parents since I was born. If you mean romantically, yes, I am in love with my husband and have been in love with other people previously.

40. Where the hell did this question go? Ummm, I don’t know. Heeeere, question, question, question!

41. What do you usually order from Starbucks? I tend to avoid coffee places, and Starbucks especially, since I don’t drink coffee. If I find myself there, I generally get a bottle of water, or orange juice or something.

42. Have you ever fired a gun? Yeah, when I was a kid my dad took me and my brother to a shooting range a few times. Can’t say the experience was anything special. Mostly really really loud.

43. Are you missing someone? I always miss my parents and brother since I don’t live so near them anymore.

44. Say something totally random about yourself: Umm, I don’t drink. Alcohol, I mean.

45. Do you have an iPod? No, and if I get an mp3 player I doubt it will be an iPod, since most of my music files are in .wav format which iPod can’t handle.

46. Is there any celebrity that resembles you? Not that I’ve ever seen.

47. What's your mom's name? Mom.

48. Who would you like to see right now? Hugh Laurie. *dreamy fangirl sigh*

49. Favorite band of all time (only ONE): awww, man that’s tough. If it really can only be one, then probably Rush, even though I haven’t actively listened to them in ages, because they have so much stuff that I love and were one of my very first musical obsessions.

50. Dogs or cats? Cats, though I like dogs too.

51. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to be
doing? Oh yeah. Really embarrassing story that I’m not planning to tell.

52. Favorite flower? Cherry blossoms.

53. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn? Butter, salt, and lots of coarsely ground pepper. Yum.

54. What books are you reading? I’ve honestly been reading more fanfic lately than books, but I’ve just started Thank You, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse.

55. Have you ever ridden in a limo? Yes, a couple of times. It wasn’t that special.

56. Has anyone you were really close to passed away? Oh, I almost hate to jinx myself by answering this question, but not really. I’ve lost family members that I wasn’t that close to, and my husband has lost a couple of family members that he was incredibly close to, but I’ve been lucky so far.

57. Do you watch MTV? Not anymore. I used to, though, back in the day when they were playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller practically every hour.

58. What's something that really bugs you? So many things. I guess the biggest one is willful ignorance.

59. What are some things you really like doing? Reading, listening to music, obsessing about my fandoms, eating good food, enjoying the company of friends and family.

60. 69? Always seemed like more trouble than it was worth – how do you concentrate on what you’re doing? I’d rather take turns.

61. Can you dance? Not very well, but that doesn’t stop me.

62. Favorite basketball team: Can’t stand sports.

63. Favorite cereal: For everyday – Cheerios. For a once-in-a-while sugar rush – Apple Jacks.

64. Do you drive? Heck yeah. Can’t imagine life without my car.

65. What's the latest you have ever stayed out? Oh, all night, into reasonably late the next morning.

66. Last time you went bowling: Probably a few years ago.

67. Were you ever rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room? Rushed yes, ambulance no. (left this answer from previous person since my answer was the same) *bad memories*

68. Who was your last phone call? This morning, I talked to my mom so that we could share our outrage that Hugh Laurie didn’t get nominated for an Emmy. There’s no justice.

69. Last time you were at work: Right now, actually.

70. What's your favorite state to be in? The vaguely melancholy feeling of listening to really sad, but really good music and reading really good, but slightly angsty fic. (And preferably said fic has a fluffy, happy, highly smutty ending.)

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