September 1st, 2010

[custom] sky blue grass

So, um.

Yeah, idek the details of the latest kerfuffle, but I gather that it's got something to do with LJ and Facebook and Twitter and cross-posting between them or something.

So, just so you all know: I would never ever cross-post anything from LJ (mine, yours, anyone's) to any other site, just like I would never cut & paste your f-locked entries to show someone who wasn't on your f-list.

I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain as well. K? Awesome! :D

Also: I have a dreamwidth account, with the same username there as here, so feel free to friend me/subscribe/circle me/whatever the hell it's called over there, although idk if I'll be moving there or not. Right now it's just a placeholder.

Man, I hate it when this shit happens. I don't want my fannish buds to be split up into different places, and I really don't want to have to keep up with two journaling sites!

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