August 24th, 2010

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I don't often post recs but when I do it's because something I read has just BLOWN ME OUT OF THE WATER. Like this. Lots of you are Pike/McCoy fans on my flist so you MUST MUST MUST go read this RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

It's severinne's fic Bold Venture. It's a remix of yeomanrand and shinychimera's Reunions which is awesome as well, and totally worth reading.

But. If mirrorverse is at all your thing, you absolutely must read the remix. OMG. Hotness to the infinite power. Ruthless, dominant Pike. Yielding but brilliant and devious bb!McCoy. Sex that will set your hair on fire. Political maneuvering that will make you rub your hands together in glee.

In short, mirrorverse Pike/McCoy PERFECTION.

Why are you still here? Go, read! And then BEG HER FOR MORE.
[custom] sky blue grass


Happy happy birthday to Stephen Fry (oh, Stephen, I will always love you. Whitney Houston voice optional.)


to notatracer (today)

and cicerothewriter (tomorrow)

Some of my very first lj-buds, from the world of Jeeves & Wooster and Fry & Laurie.

Love ya, babes! Happy birthday and have a fantastic year!

*hugs* and ♥