August 16th, 2010

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From ivorysilk:

Pakistan Disaster Relief -- Rant and Offer
Um, ok. Maybe I've missed the boat, but is there an comm for a ficathon for Pakistan Disaster relief? I know there have been a bunch, lately, but this one is close to my heart for obvious reasons (because, I guess, it's kind of my people that are dying, and so). I know everyone donated generously for Haiti, which was very well publicized, and less so for Chile, because it came hard on the heels of Haiti and then there have been a few others but ...

I haven't heard much about this one, and the death tolls are high. International relief organizations are saying this is WORSE than Haiti, Chile, the tsunami in terms of people affected (although death tolls are much lower thus far). So let me know? Otherwise, I'll just throw this out there--I can't offer to write due to time constraints, and I've already donated, but if you're reading this and so inclined, I'll donate something more if you write me something. Pretty much anything, if you write it in a fandom and with a pairing I like, I'll donate a sum to the Red Cross depending on length of fic. PM me or leave a comment if you are willing to write something, and I'll post the total donated and the list of fics at the end. I'll have to have a ceiling, eventually, but I'll see if anyone is interested.

(And I get all that crap about politics. I do. I don't like it, although I suppose I understand it. It's just there were all kinds of government incentives to donate to other relief, and there's nothing for this one, and I don't have to like that. And do the research yourself--most governments are donating a fraction of what they donated for other disaster relief, when the need is so great. Right now, disease is setting in due to lack of aid and killing off those who weren't killed by the floods.)

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And if there's anyone on my f-list who knows how to organize lj charity auctions...