April 13th, 2010

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Things What Are Of The Good

So I've been a bit blue lately, and so, inspired by the gorgeous and multi-talented rivers_bend, I'm making a post of happy good things in my life.

1. Birthday fic from the AMAZING hitlikehammers. Seriously, I feel incredibly lucky that she wrote me something for my b-day at all, but this is not just "something," this is a gorgeous, heartbreaking pike/mccoy fic that made me cry (and nearly everyone else who read it, judging by the comments). But I specifically requested a happy ending and since it's my birfday, she indulged me. Anyway, If you're here and you haven't read it yet, GO NOW. YES, RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Read the fic. Ignore all her ridic disclaimers about how it's not as good as it could have been or WHATEVS. Pfft. Then give her lots of smooshie love for writing this incredible fic. Then you can come back - this entry will still be here when you're done.

2. Meeting the aforementioned rivers_bend every week for tea, chatting, writing, hanging out together. Totally the highlight of my week.

3. Watching Nowhere Man on YouTube with wemblee (Co-starring Bruce Greenwood and Bruce Greenwood's Hair. And yes, the hair TOTES deserves its own billing). And chatting with wemblee. And doing brainstorming for creative projects with wemblee. Just, basically, wemblee in general. Because she's awesome.

4. My guys: my hubby and my bb boy. Could not imagine a better family.

5. My new idea for a novel. I so want to write a novel but inspiration has been sparse. I started a vampire thing a while ago but then Twilight came along and killed all desire I had to do anything with vampires at all. But now, new idea! So yay for that! Still very fledgling and underdeveloped, but hey, it's more than I've had in a while.

6. My whole entire f-list. You guys are all just amazing. *hugs you allllllllll*

...And now, it is time for me to go pick up item #4b. Back in a while, bbs!