March 18th, 2010

[custom] sky blue grass

A quickie

O HAI GUYS! You've probably noticed that mga1999 and I have been ridiculously productive with our Pike/McCoy epistolary epic. That has pretty much been taking every drop of creative energy I have, and I am having SUCH a good time with it. But I have been kind of absent from the rest of fandom, and I'm sorry for that!

I'm taking a round off from ship wars. I did beta two stories, so I wasn't entirely uninvolved, but just... I need a break. I don't want to burn out, and it was getting close to that point. So hopefully the next round prompt will inspire me a bit more? We'll see. No promises though - I'm having too much fun with the Pike/McCoy fic. :p

ALSO - I have eleventy million billion open tabs of fic and vids and other loveliness that's been posted over the last week or so by you guys. Sometimes when I'm in a creative place, I'm both reading voraciously as well as writing, but sometimes... not. And right now, not so much. IDK, I guess sometimes, like now, I feel like I've got all these words overflowing out of me, but if I went into reading mode and read others' words, it would... sort of derail my own writing process. Does that make any sense at all? Well, it's kind of how I'm feeling, anyway.

So, if you're going "WTF, why would I even notice that you haven't been around as much?" then don't worry about it, just carry on as usual! Otherwise, know that I'm thinking of you all and will be super excited to read & comment on all of your fannish talent once I'm back in a reading mode.

And now, back to contemplating McCoy's next letter to Pike...