March 11th, 2010

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Trek Fic: Unnecessary Risks (Kirk/Bones, PG)

Title: Unnecessary Risks
Author: skyblue_reverie
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot (aka AOS, ST XI, etc.), Kirk/McCoy
Rating: disappointingly PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: 3000 words of PURE MELODRAMA. Seriously. This is, like, the worst soap opera you've EVER seen. On CRACK.
Word Count: around 3000
Summary: Bones finally gives up. Will Jim be able to win him back?
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anything whatsoever is purely coincidental.
A/N : This is a birthday fic written for the lovely, sweet, and talented weepingnaiad. Ummm. I'M SORRY, BB. REALLY, REALLY SORRY. I tried to write something, y'know, good, and instead this came out. I must be hormonal or something.

ETA: OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I forgot to say that this fic is courtesy of a plot bunny graciously donated to me by the wonderful mga1999. THANK YOU SO MUCH, BB.

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