February 20th, 2010

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Remix/Redux Anyone?

So I've never before participated in the Remix/Redux challenge (not sure I ever qualified in one of their fandoms before) but checking the fandom list, I qualify in Star Trek Reboot this year, and I think I might do it.

I would love, love to get some of you lovely people on my f-list to participate too (especially the Jim/Bones people!) - anyone interested in doing this with me?

The basic idea is that you're assigned to another person, and you pick one of their fics to "remix." You can write it from a different POV, you can expand one scene greatly and only focus on that one part, you can pick up with the ending and keep going where it left off, you can do an AU version of the story - basically, from what I can gather, anything's fair game as long as there is some actual overlap between the events of the original story and your remix. It's supposed to be kind of like doing a fanfic version of a fanfic.

You can find out more info at remixers_lounge. I'm gonna be poking around there myself to get more details. It sounds super-fun, though.

Because I've never done it, I feel like I only have a vague idea of what a remix is. So I'm reading some posts on it which are helpful and thinky:

some thoughts

more thoughts

still more thoughts

Is there any faq or rules post out there somewhere that I've missed? (ETA: here's the rules post from a previous year's challenge.) Or more thinky thoughts that might be helpful to me? If so, please either share with me here in comments, or link me - I'd be very very grateful!

ETA: from the comm, here's the rule to qualify in a fandom:

First, just to clarify: to qualify in a fandom you must have written at least five (5) stories of 500 words or more, or a minimum of seven (7) stories of 100 words or more in that fandom. These numbers must exclude previous remixes, and co-written stories. This means that if an author has six (6) Supernatural stories of 100 words, and another two in that fandom of 500 words, that author would qualify in Supernatural. However, if the same author has four (4) Merlin stories of 500 words, and one (1) that is only 400 words, that author would not qualify in the Merlin fandom. This is the same rule as last year, and will not be changing.

Also: here's a list of fandoms that will for SURE be part of this year's challenge, and more might be added.