January 12th, 2010

[custom] sky blue grass

Trek Fic: The Moby Chronicles, Part the Third

Title: The Moby Chronicles, Part the Third
Author: skyblue_reverie
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot (aka AOS, ST XI, etc.), Kirk/McCoy
Rating: light NC-17? Hard R?
Spoilers: None
Warnings: More bad!sex CRACK.
Word Count: around 1000
Summary: Jim's schemes never go according to plan. A sequel to this (part 1) and this (part 2). Prolly won't make much sense without having read those, but hey, whatever floats your boat. :)
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anything whatsoever is purely coincidental.
A/N : This little piece of weirdness just keeps going and going and going, like the MFing Energizer Bunny. Thanks to the_dala for the title (totally ganked it from your comment, bb), and as always, thanks and love to ennui_blue_lite for beta, encouragement, and giggles. :D

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