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Chapter One, The Beginning

Hello my f-list loves! It's been a while since I've posted any fic, and so I'm breaking my dry spell with my first Fry/Laurie RPS. It was written for the kink/cliche challenge with a prompt of "wet dreams/erotic dreams." It's in Stephen-voice. Muse willing, this will be the first in a series. Hope you all enjoy! MWAH.

Title: Chapter One, The Beginning
Author: Sky Blue Reverie skyblue_reverie
Fandom: RPS
Pairing: Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Approximately 5000
Summary: Conceived as an excerpt from the (fictitious, highly slashy) sequel to Stephen's autobiography, Moab is My Washpot. Hugh and Stephen meet.
Author's Notes: Written for the kink/cliché fic challenge, with the prompt "erotic dreams/wet dreams." Endless thanks as always to my generous, lovely, supremely talented beta Essie. Huge thanks also to the wonderful notatracer for fact checking and super-helpful concrit, to m'colleague msliz4857 for brainstorming, suggestions, and contributing the last two paragraphs(!), and to my darling ennui_blue_lite for encouragement, moral support and just generally being so fabulous. I love you all, truly.
Disclaimer: I beg Hugh or Stephen to sue me for libel - since truth is an absolute defense, I would get to ask them both under oath whether any of this stuff is true. :p
Feedback: I live for feedback.

The BeginningCollapse )

Read Hugh's reaction?
Tags: fic: fry & laurie rps
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