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In which sky gives in to the meme

Hello, y'all. Sorry I've been sort of quiet recently. I've been having a bit of a rough time lately, creativity totally dried up, work stress, general depression, angstcakes, and WOE.

I should be in bed, and I'll be going there shortly, but first, I made a little test, about me! Please, take it, so I don't feel totally lame. Even if I am. :P

Luff you guys, and would SO appreciate any well-wishes, good vibes, happy thoughts, or anything else you'd care to send my way. And if you see that wayward Jeeves-muse of mine, send him back to me, won't you?

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ETA: In case anyone cares, behind the LJ-cut are the correct answers to the quiz. No cheating, now! Don't look 'til after you've taken the test. :P

1. D - That one was easy, wasn't it? :D

2. A - A bit trickier. I love them both, but Stephen does have a definite edge over Hugh.

3. C - I'm surprised by how many people said I don't have a wanking kink. I love wanking! (Er, I didn't mean that the way it sounded.) I also have a huge smoking fetish, hence my several icons featuring Stephen and Hugh, in various roles and incarnations, smoking, and my love for jadedgothchild's Fry/Laurie smoking!porn. I've also got a spanking kink, as is pretty clear from my fic. But I have no biting kink. It's not a squick or anything, it just doesn't particularly turn me on.

4. B - This is a tricky one, because even I would be hard-pressed to choose. Lots of people said "Bertie", and that is really tempting, but it's Jools by a very slight margin. Bertie is love, but Jools is TEH HAWT.

5. C - I'm agnostic. "I don't know, and you don't either" pretty much sums it up.

6. A - Buffy. First, last, and always - my love for Buffy (and Joss) knows no bounds. I've just made a new convert (or as someone put it, "sired") - my darling ennui_blue_lite.

7. D - My ruby tiara of denial (tm ennui_blue_lite) enables me to live in my lovely fantasy world where Stephen and Hugh are happily shagging every night and holding hands strolling through sunlit meadows by day.

8. C - I think I'm the most obnoxious strongest OTP person I've ever met. It actually causes me pain to read fics that break my OTP, and I simply won't do it. I can't bear to think of anyone else with my beloved Stephen or Hugh, or with Jeeves or Bertie, other than each other. Yes, I've been told I'm very strange. Repeatedly. My friends try desperately to consider it a charming quirk. They sometimes succeed.

9. D - I have nothing whatsoever against RPS, but unless it's Fry/Laurie, I'm just not interested. Fry & Laurie are totally MFEO and if you try to say otherwise, I will beat you to death with my ruby tiara. :p

10. B - Haha, I think everyone who's taken the quiz so far said A, bestiality. I guess I'm very, very wrong, and should be more squicked by bestiality. It doesn't turn me on or anything, but I actually consider it more giggle-worthy than squicky. My biggest squick is torture. I don't mean consensual bdsm, obviously, I mean like Spanish Inquisition (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!) stuff. I can't read or watch torture scenes; I had to leave the room at the end of Braveheart.

11. B - This is a tricky one again, because they're all SO eminently shaggable, but I must admit that I do have a preference for Boffle/J&W-era Stephen. Hottest thing EVAR.

12. C - I heart my default icon to itty bitty pieces. It was made for me by the fantabulous rivers_bend. Bonus points to anyone who knows who the icon in answer D belongs to. :D

13. D - I live in lovely California, but I'm flattered by the couple of you who said England! I only wish.

14. A - I've got one brother, and some of you may recollect that I slash him with his roommate/comedy writing partner. Yes, there are certain similarities with another comedy duo that I adore.

15. D (But thank you to everyone who said B! MWAH.)

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