Sky (skyblue_reverie) wrote,

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Eeee! So Excited!

I am about to dash out of the house to catch a plane to go see my beloved ennui_blue_lite! So, so excited! We are going to indoctrinate introduce each other to some of our side fandoms and spend tons of time talking and squeeing and watching dvds and just hanging out. It will be heaven!

And, my darling ennui, I hope you appreciate the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. at which I awoke to catch said plane. No fair telling me that you have to do it all the time for classes. :P

My LJ time might be a bit limited for the next couple of days, but seeing as how she's almost as much of an addict as I am, I'm sure we'll make some time for our online pursuits. :D

Wish me luck with the several hours (*gasp!*) that I'll be away from my internet connection during my travels!
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