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Yuletide = Done!

Yayyyyy! I just uploaded Yuletide. It is done, done, done! Woo-hoo! Of course, I've already discovered my FIRST TYPO DAMMIT. I promised myself that once it was uploaded, I wouldn't look at the thing again, because I knew that I'd find mistakes and it would drive me utterly crazy not being able to fix them. But, of course, I am weak and looked anyway. And, lo and behold, yes, there it is. A typo. ARGH. And that's just in the first bit - I haven't even finished my re-read-that-I-said-I-wouldn't-do. I think after the reveal I am allowed to re-post to my LJ, and then I shall do so, editing away to my little anal-retentive heart's content.

I'm getting so excited to read my gift fic! Family or no family, I think I'll have to make some time on Xmas day to read my fic and squee about it. And then read all the other yuletide fics in my fandoms and squee about them too!

Am still working on Christmas fic, it'll be at least a few days on that one, but it WILL be done and posted before Christmas no matter what. After that, who knows, but I've got several J/W bunnies hopping, just begging to be written.

On the personal front, work has been insane and not fun at all. I actually have to go in today in just a couple of hours, and I shall likely be there until quite late. BAH HUMBUG. *pouts* I have not even begun my Christmas shopping, despite my plans to do so yesterday. So stressed and overwhelmed! So if I owe you comments, or email, or anything like that, please be patient with me. I really will get to it, I promise, as soon as the madness dies down a bit. I am off work starting the 20th, yay!

Happy Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Year/other seasonal celebrations to all my f-list loves, and lots of magic-yuletide-fic-dust for those who have not yet uploaded.
Tags: fic challenge: yuletide, in which i ramble about writing, me blathering about me
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