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08 December 2006 @ 01:48 pm
Yayyyyy! It's Fridayyyy!  
Hello my darlings! Just a short little post to check in and tell you all that I'm doing well, in case any of you all wanted to know. ;)

My yuletide fic is nearly done, and will be going off to my lovely beta this weekend. Then I've got to finish my fluffy smutty Christmas J/W story for my darling ennui_blue_lite, which should be posted in the next week or two, and which will be tooth-rottingly sweet. :D I've got tons of bunnies hopping for more J/W stories, but they will just have to wait until I'm finished with my current projects. Down, bunnies, down!

I had a fabulous time visiting with rivers_bend the other weekend. She is gorgeous and sweet and fun, and I am extremely proud that I have given her another fannish addiction - Veronica Mars. Go me! I hope to get at least one more visit in with her before she heads back to England - we're thinking maybe karaoke with karaokegal, which would be tremendously fun but would in no way involve me singing. :)

Finally, a little note to my yuletide santa: Thank you thank you thank you in advance! As we hit the home stretch of yuletide, just know that I'm thinking about you and sending you lots of encouragement and good thoughts for your fic. I am sure that I will love it. You rock, whoever you are! Mwah.

Hope all my f-list buddies (and any lurkers who happen to stumble in) are doing well, and I would love for you to drop me a note. Happy weekend, everyone!

Where am I?: work
How do I feel?: hyperhighly caffeinated
Sky: [j&w] smex jeevesskyblue_reverie on December 10th, 2006 04:09 am (UTC)
Hello, m'dear! It's good to hear from you too.

Let's see - publication dates. For the yuletide fic, the archive goes live on Christmas, and then authors are revealed on New Year's Day. After that, I believe I can re-post to my LJ, so I'll be doing that.

On the Christmas fic, I'm not totally sure when it'll be posted, except that it'll definitely be up before Christmas. Hopefully I'll post it around the same time as I upload my yuletide fic - I'm going home for the holidays on the 20th, so I'd like to get it up before then.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the cuffs, and any other fics that you write up! I noticed your new default icon, and I love it.

Can't wait for the email, but as always no pressure. Talk to you soon! Mwah.